$30 Million Housing Project Remains Divisive in Williamsville

July 14, 2019

Some neighbors who oppose the project are worried about more traffic on Main Street in Williamsville. (News file photo)
Some neighbors who oppose the project are worried about more traffic on Main Street in Williamsville. 

An unusually bitter, long-running debate about a $30 million housing development continues to rile a small village best known for its Main Street commercial corridor.

At its core, the conflict is about what level of development – if any – is appropriate for one of the last major sites available for new residences in Williamsville.

As these fights often do, it pits neighbor against neighbor.

“It’s such a hot topic,” Williamsville Mayor Deborah Rogers said.

The debate is bubbling up again. Some homeowners say village officials promised them a road that would shift traffic from the development away from their neighborhood.
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2 Responses to “$30 Million Housing Project Remains Divisive in Williamsville”

  1. Walt says:

    Personally it is about time that someone developed this property. Besides cleaning up an eyesore, it is providing an additional tax base to offset the cost of financing village government. People are worried about additional traffic, but there was little concern when redeveloping Main Street w/o
    adequate parking. With the expansion of the Irishman and the new proposed brewery with very little parking, the municipal parking lot is not adequate to include the operating of the Town Hall. It is about time that the Town does what many others have and provide adequate space to perform the daily tasks required for a municipality of this size. It should be centrally located near police, court, senior center, etc. as proved for the past 20-25 years.

  2. Lydia says:

    Just last week, the most pressing problem for Williamsville was the sewage and drainage issues. Why isn’t that matter addressed before adding any more development with multiple buildings and people? Or is this another case of developers ruling over common sense where regular folks get the pointy end of the stick?