Colin Kaepernick Actually Has a Leg to Stand On

Sept. 6, 2018

It time for Americans to remember how America was born. A group of men gathered together to stand their ground against the mother country, England, which was subjecting the people of America to unfair taxes and other personal restrictions. Many brave people stood up for what they believed to be right during this violent period, the precursor to the Revolutionary War.

This war between England and the American colonies was a fight for freedom for the colonies. Colonists wanted to rule themselves and become an independent nation. There were several martyrs who stood their ground for what they believed. Patrick Henry, in a famous speech said, “give me liberty or give me death.” 

Every period of our country’s history had people who stood up to protect what they believed was right. Colonel Billy Mitchell, during the second world war, tried to convince our army leaders that we needed to update our air-force. They adamantly said, NO.  Colonel Mitchell was especially concerned about Japan, which he thought was ahead of the United States in air power at the time, and predicted that one day the Japanese would launch an air attack in the early morning against Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor. Mitchell was court marshaled for his attacks on higher ups concerning the need for a strong air unit and the update of our planes. He was found guilty but today he is recognized as the Father of our U.S. Air Force.

When something is radically wrong you have to stand up against it as the ex-football player Colin Kaepernick did.  He took action by taking a knee before each football game when the National Anthem was played to protest the way blacks are treated in America. He had every right to try to bring more attention to this every serious problem.

President Trump jumped in to what Colin did and blasted him for this action. I believe Trump shouldn’t have interfered for many reasons. Trump is a headline seeker no matter if he knows what he’s really doing.

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