Comment From Concerned Citizen

Jan. 12, 2019

This posturing by Collins is similar to all the farewell speeches we heard a few weeks ago. After the Midterm elections several outgoing Senators and Representatives made their farewell speeches which were full of warnings as to how the current system is “broken”; Paul Ryan, Claire McCaskill, Orrin Hatch, Jeff Flake, among many.

Ironic that these politicians who have gorged themselves on literally millions of dollars in campaign funding from Big Pharma, Defense Contractors, Energy, Big Banking, and even insider stock trading (Chris?) now feel compelled to warn us of the graft and corruption they all fostered.

These politicians get elected as nobodies, sell their votes, retire as millionaires, then have the nerve to tell us how corrupted our government has become as they check out to become Lobbyists.
Orrin Hatch was a Senator for 42 years but last week he woke up one morning to find the Senate needs fixing?

Paul Ryan was Speaker of the House and fiercely defended Trump but now as he leaves he suddenly discovers that things aren’t right in Washington?

And what about all those who are still in office now – where are their warnings and concern?
The answer is it’s difficult to talk while you’re in office stuffing your mouths at the trough.

Sadly, the media carries these farewell speeches with no comment except that they are all great public servants and their viewers soak it all up because to do otherwise would be unpatriotic.

So keep your paycheck Mr. Collins and rest assured we are all impressed with your concern for the rest of your fellow Federal workers.
One question – where was your righteous concern when you were pumping and dumping stock?


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