I Would Love Being a Town Board Member. How Much Does It Pay?

The best way to solve the problem of getting Amherst Town Members, who are not stooges of political party bosses, is to make the Board a non- paying job. The lure for many people who want to become an Amherst Town Board is $33,000 dollars and some excellent benefits.

Many towns and villages have town board members who are volunteering to help their town at no salary.

The public should go to our town board meeting and witness a board, with the exception of Debbie Bucki, voting ‘yes’ on everything.



3 Responses to “I Would Love Being a Town Board Member. How Much Does It Pay?”

  1. Don Luke says:

    Please ask Debbie bucki why she voted for a chief of staff that makes $85,000 a year?

  2. Hank says:

    Ask Steve Sanders and Fran Spoth why in September 2016 they sprung a fast one on the public by voting themselves a hefty raise of nearly 40% after most people had left the meeting.

    Bucki smelled a rat and voted against.

  3. Don Luke says:

    You’re right, that pay for council members is outrageous and a slap in the face to tax payers. But let’s not forget Debbie bucki is well off financially, she didn’t need a raise. But why didn’t she smell a rat with this political patronage job of a chief of staff?? maybe she voted no on a few things she still has gone along with the democrats free spending ways