A Conversation With Brain Kulpa

Oct. 12, 2019
In a conversation with Mike Szukala, Amherst Town Supervisor Brian Kulpa made it clear to Mike that if he wins a seat on the Town Board he would like Mike to resign from the Amherst IDA. It is a conflict of interest.

The same message was given to Steve Sanders, another candidate seeking a seat on the Amherst Town Board after already serving 8 years.  Steve also serves on the Amherst IDA and his term on that expires at the end of this year. If he is again appointed to the Amherst IDA by a town board member he should decline it. It can be a conflict of interest.

One Response to “A Conversation With Brain Kulpa”

  1. Chris says:

    Kulpa has to tell Szukala that this is a conflict of interest? That the appearance alone reeks of impropriety? Sanders concurrently on the IDA and town board for years and neither one can figure that out for themselves?

    What exactly is the motivation for ignoring common sense and integrity? A lucrative double-dip into developers’ pockets? If this is sanctioned by law, then the law needs to change. Enough screwing the taxpayers to enrich the rich that is perpetrated by the very people we elect to represent us.

    Neither one of these people belong on the town board. Sanders has already sat on the board for 8 years. He has a record. He says of himself: “Promises made, Promises kept.” Question for Mr. Sanders is: “to whom?” His term on the IDA ends December 31, 2020. He has plenty of time to keep promises.
    One board is bad enough.