Alabama Pastor Destroys Own Nike Gear During Anti-Colin Kaepernick Sermon

Sept. 13, 2018
by Lee Moran

The senior pastor of a church in Alabama destroyed his own Nike gear during a sermon. comment on the story above.

This pastor may as well ripped apart Jesus’s robe and sandals.  Jesus came among us to take a stand against the wickedness of the world and save our souls. Jesus was a  man who took a stand and died for it.

Colin Kaepernick took a stand against the way blacks are treated in America. He gave up much to stand against a great evil.

Pastor, when both of you leave this world who do yo think has a lot of explaining to our Lord?

I know you don’t want my advice take BUT I would take off your collar and replace it with a white hood.

Logic says you hate Jesus too, because he took a stand against what was wrong.

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