Amherst Boy Scarred by Broken Pogo Stick Wins $75,000 From Town, Manufacturer

July 10, 2018

An Amherst boy who was badly cut on the leg when a pogo stick broke under him will receive $75,000 from the Town of Amherst and the toy’s manufacturer.

The boy, then 10, was a participant in an after-school program sponsored by the town’s Youth and Recreation Department. The Town Board on Monday approved paying a $37,500 settlement. Tennessee-based Big Time Toys will pay the other half after Amherst pressed the company to assume some responsibility, said Town Attorney Stanley Sliwa.

The boy was hurt in 2013 when a staffer brought out a Moon Air Jack after children complained another pogo stick didn’t bounce high enough, Sliwa said. The toy lacerated the boy’s left inner knee, requiring numerous stitches and giving him nightmares for months.
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