Amherst Central Park Design Workshop with Stakeholders

If you have a spare hour or so, and really want to know what has been done as of July 2nd on the possible design of the Amherst Central Park, then we have a video for you!

The Town of Amherst website contains a web page dedicated to the Amherst Central Park Project including a Youtube video and other information.

Here is an excerpt for this web page ….

“Dover, Kohl & Partners led a series of workshop meetings held the week of June 29th to July 2nd. The plans and video show the progress of this work presented to the Town Board on July 2nd. These ideas are currently being reviewed by the Amherst Central Park Task Force.”

CAUTION: Click on the image to view the hour long.Youtube video.

You be the judge on how open and transparent this project has been to the public. This video has not been widely promoted for public attention and the list of stakeholders who attended is not available. You can glean many of these stakeholders from the video, but need to work on it.


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  1. Edward McKee says:

    Wonderful presentation. Something right out of the world of Walt Disney’s Tomorrow Land, encompassing a wish list for almost everyone. Let us not be distracted by this presentation. We have only seen the movie trailer.

    Please read on:

    As an Amherst resident I am very concerned about recent developments relating to the town’s potential acquisition of Westwood Country Club in exchange for town property located at the Audubon golf course and the North Town Center recreational area. As it is, two parcels of land totaling approximately twenty acres that comprised part of the greater North Town recreational area have been sold for questionable amounts to two limited liability development corporations as the result of, but separate from the anticipated Westwood Country Club land swap with the town

    It will be imperative for town residents to have an understanding of all the factors affecting the town’s anticipated Westwood land swap with its owner, Mensch Capital in order to determine if this is the direction that best serves the town residents overall needs. Items such as the premium dollar value Mensch Capital will pay the town for acquiring property far greater in value than the property it will be giving up, a time line for making all the changes necessary to make town sports and other recreational activities whole again, a realistic estimate of the costs to be incurred for environmental remediation, new recreational facilities, converting and maintaining Westwood country club for on-going community activities along with anticipated increased staffing needs.

    Mr. and Mrs. Amherst, If you wait until the formal public hearings on this project to voice your concerns and receive answers it will be too late to change things. A hearing of this type ninety-nine percent of the time is just a necessary ordeal to be endured by politicians before approval is granted, especially when all town board members are from the same political party.

    Town residents should keep in mind that this project as currently envisioned will forever change the landscape and the scope of our town.

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