Amherst Must Build Low Cost Apartments for the Older Generation

June 13, 2019

There is a heavy shadow looming over Amherst. It’s a very serious problem that must be answered quickly as well as the work needed to address this serious issue.

There is a large number of older people living in Amherst, who are living alone in large houses which they have a tough time paying the taxes. Many of these older people didn’t save enough to live comfortably after they retired and are simply living off their social security. Many are living in homes with only memories of their children when they were young. Now they are living alone in homes they brought 30 to 45 years ago, with the deafening sounds of silence and the crushing lack of money to pay for the high taxes in Amherst.

All of the housing developments which are here now or being built now are well beyond the price range of these older citizens.

Most of these folks are considering selling their homes because they can’t keep up with the taxes but they don’t want to leave the area. They are facing a real dilemma. So what are they thinking of doing?  Some may move in with their children, some will move to a state where there is affordable housing like North Carolina and many will be placed in nursing homes where their entire social security check will cover the cost until they die.

It’s clear Amherst is a place where older people’s problems with housing haven’t been on any of our past Supervisor’s minds or in their plans.

Older people want to stay in a place where they’ve lived their lives.  It’s up to the town to find ways to build or redevelop buildings where the rent would be low for these people.

Today there isn’t anywhere in Amherst where real low-cost housing is ready for these older folks to live and enjoy their last years. Every son or daughter whose parents are in this situation should join together to have the Town of Amherst find ways to help their parents. Remember what your parents did for you to succeed. It’s your turn to save them from a future of despair.

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