Amherst Pizzeria Doesn’t Get Fooled With Counterfeit Dough Twice

Oct. 11, 2018

An Amherst pizzeria that got ripped off by a customer using a fake $100 bill last week didn’t let the fraud happen again.

The initial theft happened Oct. 3 when a $75 food order was delivered to a home on Minnesota Avenue, between Cordova and Parkridge avenues, in Buffalo. The person who paid the delivery driver handed over a fake $100 bill and ran away, according to a police report.

Then on Tuesday night, a $61.90 food order was placed for delivery to a nonexistent address on Westminster Avenue in Buffalo, according to another report. The driver met the customer down the street where a person tried to pay with a $100 bill. The driver couldn’t make change, so he went back to the pizzeria and came back with a manager.

When the customer approached, the manager asked if he was paying with “a $100 bill like last week,” and the customer ran away into a home on Stockbridge Avenue, according to the report.
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