Amherst Supervisor’s 2020 “State of the Town” Address

On January 10, 2020, Supervisor Brian Kulpa delivered his annual “State of the Town” address at an annual luncheon to benefit the Amherst Chamber of Commerce. For those of us who were unable to attend (or perhaps unwilling or unable to afford the $50 price of admission), here is his speech on YouTube:

It is worth a listen.

(Suggestion: Skip thru the introductions and view beginning 03:32.)

One Response to “Amherst Supervisor’s 2020 “State of the Town” Address”

  1. Phil says:

    Irony?…. Brian Kulpa telling Amherst who to vote for in order “to get it done” [Buffalo News Letter to the Editor 2/12/20. See below]

    Maybe HE should concentrate on getting it done before he tells US how to get it done.
    Flirting with leaving Amherst for Albany doesn’t give me confidence that his heart is into “getting it done” for Amherst. His Slide Shows have been great but he has been in office for over two years and Westwood is still not under control. And I’m not against infrastructure repair in Amherst. It’s just that the IDA & Friends always seem to benefit the most from any “development”: buildings go up, greenspace gets blacktopped, Corporate Welfare from the IDA gets bigger, and taxes go up.

    Bottom line for me? If you want to make the “Corporate Welfare” scam worse in Amherst (and the US) then vote for Billionaire Bloomberg. After all, it’s not Democracy – it’s an auction.

    ——Buffalo News Letter to the Editor 2/12/20——–

    Amherst supervisor: Bloomberg’s the one

    Leading up to the Iowa caucuses, Democratic presidential candidates spoke to voters extensively about education, housing, foreign policy and drug prices. While these topics are certainly important, one critical issue didn’t get nearly enough air time: how to fix our outdated infrastructure. From structurally deficient bridges to aging wastewater treatment facilities to rural broadband, the greater Buffalo region has a host of infrastructure needs that must be met. We can’t afford to wait another year, let alone four, for these investments to be made.

    And yet, these are the types of projects that need a functioning federal government to get off the ground. To date, President Trump has declared “infrastructure week” at least seven times but has failed to make the investments he promised on the campaign trail.

    Fortunately, Americans now have an alternative to Trump who cares deeply about this issue. Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has unveiled an unprecedented plan that will make the country’s infrastructure smarter, faster, safer and greener. Under his leadership, we can finally have the expanded broadband, better public transit, and modernized power grid that Buffalo deserves. When we cast our votes for the next president, we are deciding whether we want to finally build a better America equipped for the 21st century.
    The choice here is clear: Mike Bloomberg is the leader we need to get it done.

    Brian Kulpa

    Amherst town supervisor