Amherst’s Never Ending Story

Oct. 5, 2018

One of the ways our town lost money was in law suits. A case in point occurred on March 2017, the Town of Amherst wouldn’t rezone a parcel at 4400 North French road.

Amherst has another Board called the Zoning Board of Appeals which said yes to a developer’s group who wanted this land rezoned.

The Town sued our own ZBA for their actions towards this property. Then lo and be hold the developer sued the town for their action against the ZBA. Since all four of our town attorneys were selected from a list of 4 submitted by Jerry Schad, the town board chose all 4 of them from Mr. Schad’s list. Mr. Meyer, one of the four, left the group and started his own office.

The town lost the case against our ZBA. The town decided to take the case to a higher court. When the firm which represented our ZBA wasn’t paid for their work, they turned around and are now suing the town for non payment of fees.


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