Audubon Park MOB, LLC CF Zoning Directive

March 6, 2020

If you get a chance take a look at the Resolution 2020-301: Audubon Park MOB, LLC CF Zoning Directive in the Agenda Packet link of the March 9 Town Board meeting. It has no information about who Audubon Park MOB LLC is or why the rezoning is being requested. Who owns the 15+ acres – the Town of Amherst does. The whole thing looks like a black cat in a dark room!

Audubon Park MOB LLC:

If the Town Board does not want to tell us what is going on here, we can only speculate as to what it means.

The SBL No. 55.04-1-6.1 in this resolution refers to the Audubon Golf Course at 500 Maple Road.

SBL No. 55.04-1-6.1:

Further inspection of the graphic attached to the resolution showing where the 15+ acres is located looks almost exactly where the Town wants UBMD to put a new facility. The acronym MOB in the resolution title appears to stand for “Medical Office Building” so why hide the meaning?

Town Board Resolution 2019-990:

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Town of Amherst and UBMD in the link BonesGutsLLCMOURevised refers to Bones & Guts LLC  which is located with a number of other LLC’s at 4225 Genesee Street including UBMD Boulevard LLC.  The only differences  appear to be the address of 450 Maple Rd, and the larger acreage in the MOU. But the MOU clearly states the Town of Amherst will perform a rezoning from RC to CF as a first step.

Finally what is this new Audubon Park MOB LLC located at 50 Fountain Plaza Suite 500 created Oct 31, 2019?  Is there another revision to the MOU we haven’t seen yet?

NB: There is a spelling mistake in the resolution of “herby” for “hereby”.

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