Apparently the Supervisor realized it didn’t look good for an official Town of Amherst video to be posted ONLY on his Facebook page, so all such videos of his (there were several) were pulled a day or two after we pointed this out to our readers. This may not be an admission anything by him, but it sure looks like some sort of a reaction to us.

The Town of Amherst (note the Amherst seal!) recently took the unusual action of posting a YouTube video “staring” Supervisor Brian Kulpa about the “Town Board’s plan” for the acquisition of Westwood from Mensch.

Is this a good faith effort at keeping the public informed on the Westwood initiative, or a blatant sales pitch to justify an unpopular deal that opens the door to the development of a portion of the Audubon Recreational Complex by Mensch?

Given the liberal use of suspension of the rules at Town Board meeting, and the slow drip, drip, drip of the little bits of information released over a long period of time about this deal, you be the judge.

Why has the Supervisor gone to the extraordinary effort of using a high profile YouTube video to communicate his Westwood plan, and why now? Does he feel that YouTube is more appropriate for his target audience, or is he trying to proactively reduce public resistance for this potentially huge change to Amherst?

Listen closely, and then ask yourself did you hear a coherent, well reasoned, and competent presentation that increases your confidence in the plan, or was it more of a collection loosely connected individual actions somehow related to each other which may or may not work.

Finally ask yourself why is all this happening without robust public interaction, and without the public being able to comment in-person at Planning Board and Town Board meetings?


  1. Money Talks says:

    This video was not posted on the official Town of Amherst website, but rather on the Supervisor’s re-election Facebook page.

    He has done this several times. and it betrays his motivation to personally control all aspects of information related to Westwood. Doing it this way keeps all public opinion and opposition isolated and marginalized.

    His use of the official Town seal on his re-election Facebook page appears to be in violation of the town social media policy, or if it is not, it should be. If town money was used to produce this video, it could be another ethical problem for the Supervisor.

    Official town policy and town videos should be posted on the official town website. Brian Kulpa knows exactly what he is doing by putting the most important Westwood decision information on his re-election Facebook page first.


  2. Sal says:

    Good Grief!! Time to call in the AG to investigate this corrupted mess.
    Amherst’s politicians sinking into such corruption is troubling and very sad.
    We expected better.

  3. Jim says:

    Filmed by a newly hired department head with skills in political campaigns, a buddy of the town Dem chair?!
    Use of the town seal was an issue in a Weinstein endorsement of Jaeger in the race with Kulpa. This is disturbing. OMG are they all the same?

  4. Don Lukas says:

    Man, the two years he’s been in office looks like it’s taken a toll on him. I bet he didn’t realize screwing over the tax payers would be a stressful job. How this dolt became supervisor is beyond me.

  5. Phineas says:

    I wonder how much money has been spent on design firms
    to create plans for these developers. Kulpa must think
    he’s their project manager and we’re his piggy bank.

  6. Phil says:

    Kulpa almost left town a couple of months ago.
    He knows he’s done here and moving on to Albany.
    That’s why he’s basically thrown the public over and aligned himself with the Developers.

    You’ve seen it before – whenever there’s a national catastrophe it’s like ringing the dinner bell for the 1%. So Kulpa and his new friends used the CoVid pandemic to rearrange the rankhauser/Audubon neighborhood. It’s taxpayer land and taxpayer money but once again we see Amherst Government ignoring that fact and jumping into bed with the Developers.

    What happened to all the facts concerning the already overloaded sewers and drainage in this area – not a word about that now.

    Kulpa moves on, the developers move on, and we who live and pay taxes in the neighborhood are left with the problems.