BIG changes coming to the Town of Amherst!


The Work Session for the July 6th Regular Town Board meeting at 4 pm could prove “interesting”!


The full agendas for both July 6th Town Board meetings are now posted on the Town of Amherst meeting portal, and both are blockbusters!

The following are the resolutions that are the most concerning since they involve the selling or purchasing or swapping of very $$$ land namely the Town of Amherst land at the Audubon Recreational Complex and Mensch Capital Partners land at the former Westwood Country Club.

July 6th Regular Town Board meeting at 5 pm

2020-572   Creation of Amherst Central Park Guidance Task Force

2020-576   Statute of Limitations Tolling Agreement (CRS #2103) Between Mensch Capital Partners, LLC an the Town of Amherst

2020-577   Contract of Sale (CRS #2105) Between The Uniland Partnership of Delaware, L.P. and the Town of Amherst

2020-578   Purchase and Sale Agreement Between Town of Amherst and Bones & Guts, LLC(CRS #2107) Portion of 500 Maple Road

2020-579   Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (CRS #2108) Between Mensch Capital Partners, LLC, Bones & Guts, LLC and the Town of Amherst

July 6th Special Town Board meeting at 6 pm

2020-567  500 Maple Road Rezoning

There are many more “normal” resolutions in these two Town Board meeting, but the passage of those listed above will fundamentally change the nature of what we call the Town of Amherst for years, if not decades to come.

3 Responses to “BIG changes coming to the Town of Amherst!”

  1. Recall Kulpa says:

    You’ve seen it happen in Congress frequently.

    An important Bill with several codependent issues, which have all been cooked behind closed doors, is presented to the floor for a vote at the 11th hour with a sense of great urgency.

    Just like Congress, Kulpa and his Developer friends are trying to pull the same stunt in Amherst.

    Monumental issues which should have been discussed in public have obviously been cooked up behind closed doors. Kulpa has had months to disclose what he’s trying to accomplish and how he’s doing it.

    But no, here at the 11th hour we’re presented with hundreds of pages of massive changes and millions of dollars of taxpayer money in the balance and who are the only ones who know the details?

    Kulpa and his Developers.

    It stinks.

    It stinks because this is taxpayer land and taxpayer dollars; abusing both behind closed doors without Representation is criminal.

    It stinks because we who will bear the consequences of this scam are presented hundreds of pages of obscure legal crap with less than a week before a vote.

    It stinks because, in the middle of a pandemic, the Public is given 3 minutes per taxpayer to try and find out what has happened in this scam. Not that it matters because they intend to ram all this down out throats by voting on it the very same night.

    This vote needs to be stopped immediately until the Public has a chance to understand all the trading which is going on, all the land grabs, all the construction of new hotels, parking ramps, and office buildings.

    And somehow the taxpayers of Amherst need to seek an investigation, by an independent third party separate from Amherst Government, into the abuse of his Office by Brian Kulpa with the intention of recalling his election.

  2. Kent Achatz says:

    Absolutely correct. This nonsense has been going on for a while. The “brownfield” that is Westwood can suddenly become a park and there is no concern about what’s in the soil at Audubon? All golf courses applied the same materials.
    What happened to the buried bodies? Never proven.
    Mensch has wanted this swap since they shrewdly acquired the Westwood property. Weinstein properly blocked the swap.
    Kulpa should be ashamed for his actions and be held culpable and removed from office

  3. Richard says:

    WHY??? Why even deal with the Mench Group. They bought Westwood and assumed it would be a slam dunk to build there since it was a republican Town Board. You know the ones in the pocket of the developers. Of course the Republican Board at the time turned them down. Then the Mayor of Williammsville runs for Supervisor. The same Mayor that push more developement in the village than I can ever remember. He wins because he’s all about Smart Growth. Turns out his version of Smart Growth is he’s smarter than everyone else. He’s smarter cause he keeps everything secret, making deals with engaging the Board or Public. He’s smarter because he hires all these new political friends to work for the town and knows he needs all this developement revenue or taxes will skyrocket. He’s smarter because he knows he’ll get away with it.

    Well I don’t think he’s smarter. I think he’s disgusting and he and the herd of sheep called the Town Board will destroy this town.