Breaking News – Zellner Did It Again

Bert Dunn2

Bert Dunn said he created the Law and Order line so he could run for Erie County Sheriff after losing in the Democratic primary to Dick Dobson.

Bert Dunn didn’t create the Law and Order line he is running on.   Dave Pfaff and I examined the petition on Friday.   This line was created by Jeremy Zellner who personally petitioned, along with ECDC headquarters types and a bevy of Democratic employees from the Board of Elections.   Jeremy apparently never considered the possibility that Dunn would lose the primary, then survive to sabotage the Democratic winner.   BTW, why is the Chairman of the ECDC personally involved in creating another party?

Furthermore, Jeremy has received $150K from a NYSUT PAC, but never properly reported to source of the contributions.

Pete Reese

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