Buffalo Zoo’s Baby Rhino Has a Name

It’s a Mohan!

The Buffalo Zoo’s baby rhinoceros officially has a name. Mohan, a Hindu name from the Sanskrit mohana, means fascinating or infatuating, according to the Dictionary of American Family Names. It comes from “muh,” which means charming, delightful or bewitching. In the Hindu religion, Mohana is used to describe the gods Shiva, Kama and Krishna.

Mohan’s name was chosen by the public, via a survey put together by the zoo that gave a selection of four names. In addition to Mohan, choices included Howie (after zoo curator and rhino booster Joe Hauser), Raj (short for Rajesh, which means king) and Ollie (after Ed Oliver, the Buffalo Bills’ first-round draft pick).

Mohan won with 44.7% of the vote.

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