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OUR Gambler

When reading the agenda for the next Town Board meeting of Monday, July 20th at 3 pm, two things became obvious.

The first was a Regular Town Board meeting according to the Rules of Order should start at 7 pm, but this one starts at 3 pm when a Work Session normally starts.

The second was
RES-2020-623 Creation of Trust Account for Funds Received from Sale of Alienated Parkland

Immediately the song “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers came to mind , especially the line “you never count your money while sittin’ at the table“.

So please forgive this feeble attempt, but when considering how the public has been treated lately when dealing with anything related to the Westwood / Audubon Recreational Complex deal, HUMOR and lots of it seemed to be the only way to go to keep your sanity.

WARNING: Humor by the Amherst Times

Opening Scene:  OUR Gambler is playing solitaire at his desk in Town Hall when a Town Board ZOOM video conference begins.  The Town Board members are seen wandering in remotely one by one. OUR Gambler starts his 37th  Power Point slide show of the day.

OUR Gambler may not know it yet, but he has a “gambling” problem, the pursuit of Westwood using OUR Audubon Recreation Complex as his chips.

This is his town, and we are just no account drifters passin’ thru. There is no place for us at the table in this high stakes  “game”, in fact he won’t even let us see the cards. It’s OUR Gambler against the Mensch boys hanging out in their hideout at Westwood.  So lock your doors and board up your Windows 10, there nothing to see here folks!

But those Mensch boys aren’t push overs, and have been gambling a lot longer than OUR Gambler . They can hold their liquor, smoke their cigars, and know their poker!  If you  play with them, “you gotta learn to play it right” since those Mensch boys play for keeps.

So Gambler , “I see your out of aces” , so “you gotta know when to …”

Closing Scene:  OUR Gambler finishes his 37th Power Point slide show and asks … ,  “Any questions from the audience?”. The ZOOM video conference ends.

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