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The Serfs Must Challenge the Monarchy

Jan. 5, 2020

I think it is important the communities are listened to and that their voice is heard, particularly with local government, because you are talking very much about communities.

Amherst Town Hall

A gift was given to Rudy Giuliani, oops I meant Dal Giuliani of Amherst, NY. He has been on our very important Planning Board as a holdover for 2 years.

Giuliani’s term on the Planning Board expired in 2017 but for some unknown reason, the Town Board refused the public outcry to remove him or give the public a valid reason.

A government that doesn’t follow the rules in our Town Code is a monarchy, not a Republic. This is a major and intentional move to override our Town Code for the good of our Town Board not for the people of Amherst.

There are several instances where the same person whose term has expired is held over for the good of the town not the people of Amherst. This must stop now. Amherst is either a Republic or a cesspool of a monarchy.

At tomorrow’s Town Board meeting, January 6, 2020, the board will once again put Dal Giuliani officially on the Planning Board as well as name him the Chairman of the new board called the Design Advisory Board.

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Concerned Citizen Letter: A Person Who is Right and Wants the Public to Know What’s Happening in Amherst

May 31, 2019

I am requesting that this letter be incorporated into the town public record.

After I read the recent articles in the Buffalo News and the Amherst Bee article on its front page regarding Supervisor Kulpa’s comments regarding Westwood and parkland alienation and conducting a rather speedy hearing scheduled for May 20 on this matter I found myself very much alarmed. For starters, this is hardly enough timely notification for a hearing on such an ambiguous matter to most town residents. To the best of my recollection the concept of “alienation” has never been mentioned publicly before. And then to turn around later on in the town board program to have the gall to put it to a vote via the town attorney resolution #2019-617 is nothing short of unbelievable. Also, specifically what will be presented at this hearing when it appears to me that at this stage no one knows what the heck is going on and if there is enough specifics to even have an intelligent hearing. This sounds very much to me like a sham hearing just to move this parkland alienation thing along to meet some preliminary requirement with the state to obtain its approval to swap land. Once this is accomplished on such very short notice without an adequate dissemination of the materials available to weigh benefits/ detriments of such a hasty action this will put far too much power in the hands of this town board to make a deal that I frankly do not think this town board on its own is competent enough to handle for the greater good of our town. Also, I do not like that it appears that the only elected official directly involved in whatever has occurred between the town and Mensch Capital Partners, LLC is the town supervisor. Too much is at stake here to trust just one person to get the story straight. Checks and balances are sorely needed.

let each of you remember that the Mensch Capital Partners are not driven here by some altruistic motive to make Amherst great again. They are driven to make their hasty purchase of Westwood as profitable as possible for them first and foremost. The town did not seek the Mensch group out to make this land swap. They sought the town out. The town holds the stronger cards in this poker game. If any good comes out of wheel spinning effort to-date the people the town folk put their faith better make dam sure the greater good of the town is served and that we come out with our interests best served. The town does not owe Mensch a deal. They didn’t elect any of you. And lastly to put the “cherry” on top of the sundae when all is said and done if anything comes of this The Mensch Capital Partners and associates will be suing the town for every bit of tax breaks and favorable funding our IDA can give them. Go figure.

In wrapping this up I’m going to let you in on a little secret, this deal, if it ever comes to fruition, is not going to be the equivalent of the Central Park of NYC. We are not New York City. And to make this park come even close to rivaling Central Park would bankrupt us. I’d expect this example of “Puffing” form a used car salesman, not something from our elected officials. Also, when this resolution comes to a vote later this evening, except for the supervisor the people deserve nothing less from each town board member a substantive explanation of why each voted the way you did. No cop outs by just merely saying, “aye.”


Edward F. McKee 75 Hobnail Drive Amherst, NY 14051

P.S. Amherst comprises approximately 54 square miles or 34,568 acres. As of the most recent town records I have available (2016) the amount of designated town “green space the town has total designated green space, excluding land specifically designated for private development amounting to 4,428 acres, or 12.8% of town land.

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Legislator Ed Rath III Wins For The Second Year In A Row


This year’s pick as the most useless, do-nothing member of our Erie County Legislature was an easy choice, Ed Rath III.

The name brings to mind a family of politicians who have a history in our local government.  Ed has kept up the family tradition of being a man who avoids controversial matters at all cost.  He never initiated any action which would help the citizens of his district.  Most people have little or no idea what district Ed Rath III even represents.

If you find his e-mail address you can send him a message and ask if he knows who he was elected to serve. I’m pretty sure he will find out the answer and e-mail back but don’t hold your breath.

Ed Rath III has everything he needs to go up the political ladder and be a big nothing.  He has the look of a preppie politician who learned from other useless politicians like Congressmen Chris Lee, Tom Reynolds, Tom Paxon, Chris Collins and of course his dear and wonderful relatives. His grandfather was a 33rd Degree Mason, who gave more money to his Lodge than any other Mason.

Ed Rath III is a lucky man who won’t have to do anything of importance to be re-elected.  If voters have the time to check out his achievements they would be entering a maze of nothingness. (It’s a joke!)  Achievements he  may list could be wears a smile well, has a good haircut, wears clothes well, and above all these “achievements” – he wears the Rath name on his sleeve.

The best thing to help Ed Rath III become useful would be for him to lose the upcoming election and find a job where they never heard the name Rath.  An honest, non political job where he has to earn the respect of his fellow workers.

Achievements he had a few to few to mention but what the heck.

  • Held the line on taxes————–Holy mackerel
  • Closed District Offices————–Unbelievable
  • Downsized the Legislature from 15 to 11–remarkable
  • Removed County from costly mandated services————–He will soon name those services
  • Rebuilt infrastructure on Maple Rd. and Wehrle Dr.————And he didn’t have lift a pick or shovel
  • Created “Silver Alert” to protect WNY Seniors——————-Great now I can use these at the hockey rink in Amherst.  Grandpa, it said Silver Alert not silver skates, please get extra money so you buy a hearing aid.  Ask Ed Rath III to help you.  You can tell him what you told me, that you once were a 4th DEGREE COMMANDER CODY CIVIL SERVICE PROTECTOR OF THE PEOPLE DURING A WAR!





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What’s In A Name? In The Case Of Ed Rath ~ Nothing

Some family names have great lineage while other pass into history with generations of people who sit on their brains and do nothing.

Ed Rath left the Erie County Legislature to spend special time with his wife and kids. That’s what he said.

Shortly after he decided to run for a seat on the Erie County Legislature again, because a seat was open which he knew about when he left the Legislature and told the voters he was leaving to spend time with wife and children. He is quite a lying piece of work.

Ed Rath’s name stands for nothing but lack of integrity, honesty, and caring for family, not using them as an excuse.

Our All-American boy has shown as the traits of what makes up a creepy All-American boy.

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Edward Rath III Finally Facing A Real Opponent Toni Vazquez

The worst legislator of the 2010- 2011 year was Edward Rath III. This is the second year in a row Rath was chosen for this distasteful award by the AmherstTimes. This year he is finally facing a quality person, Toni Vazquez.

Rath treats his position in the Erie County Legislature as a gravy type job. Mr. Rath has poured most of the gravy on meaningless projects which require little work and have no chance of offending anyone.

Voters, think hard about what Ed Rath III has done for YOU.

If you check back into Ed Rath’s political history you will not find a single useful project he started for the people of his district.

Rath is known around the Legislature as the pin up boy. He knows when show up for photo ops. He has set his priorities and he’s there when the News cameras come to building.

Rath has a full time job but his mother’s connections will help him climb up the political steps to reach a point where he is paid well and still does nothing.

Rath has the image of the All-American, clean cut guy. He dresses like he never did a hard day’s work in his life.

This year he is finally facing an opponent,Toni Vasquez who works hard with her husband running a health facility on the lower west side. Her family were all fighters to improve the world.

Vazquez’s father was a civil rights leader who walked side by side with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He took the beatings with billy clubs, suffered through friends being hung for being black, the burning down of his place of worship. Her father and mother were fighters for what they believed in; so is their daughter Toni. Her father started the first Charter school in Buffalo.

Toni Vazquez has the same passion for her home town of Amherst as her father did for Buffalo.

Toni is the administrator of a medical facility. She has a keen mind; she is responsible for patient records and for the facility. She has the qualities we need as our next County Legislator.

Edward Rath III hasn’t any experience running any business or controling someone else’s money.

We don’t need Ed Rath III in our local government. With his ability he could be a fine male model for clothes or hair creme.

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Ed Rath, The “Peter Pan” Of The Erie County Leg.

Ed Rath, learning to read with the children.

I picked up the Amherst Bee this week, as I do every Wednesday. I usually read all the news stories, the sports section and the ads. There was an article written by Ed Rath concerning the passing of different items contained in the Erie County budget. I have to acknowledge Ed for not taking all the credit for the writing of this budget. The truth is he added nothing useful, even thought he wrote he added much to this budget.

Ed had little positive input into this year’s budget. He should have given credit to the Democrats in the Leg. who fought to get money put back in to help the libraries.

Rath is the Peter Pan of this Leg. The soone he is appointed to a higher office, where he can do nothing effectively, the better. That’s when the Erie Couinty Leg. will really get some work done.

Being the son of a do-little politican means anything he does looks good, but Ed Rath hasn’t figured this out yet. Soon the people will see that his name alone does not mean he is effective.

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We Need A Rebirth, Says Rath. OK, But How?

The Fall/Winter 2010 Edward A. Rath Report came to my home in November. The report was bland and about as septic as I believe Mr. Rath could make it.

He includes two graphs of our State budget. The graphs are titled, ”Where Your Tax Dollars Go,” and “Where The Dollars Come From.”

He doesn’t explain what the budget says in common sense verbiage so the public can clearly understand what our money actually does and where it actually comes from. I am really interested in the 20% which isn’t mandated by the federal and state government. Who really makes the call on how it is spent?

Who decides how much money is spent and who decides how it is going to be spent? Rath leaves huge holes when sharing what happens with inside dealings among the group who decide where the money is spent.

His report tells us he is against tax increases but he doesn’t mention who does want to raise taxes. Maybe he means his puppet leader Chris Collins. Rath does state that Collins and he worked hard to find areas to tighten the budget but Ed has avoided checking into vendors who we buy things from whose prices are highter than other vendors.

Ed says we must bring high quality jobs to our area but he doesn’t say how we can bring new business to our area. Ed, you have yet to explain how we can bring in new jobs. Our crippled AIDA  has brought very few jobs into our area so how will you accomplish this feat?

You have not brought in a fresh new face to replace Jim Allen who has been the ineffective Director of the AIDA for 41 years. If you check his record you will discover he has brought in very few jobs. If you ask him how many jobs he has brought into Amherst he can’t answer you because he hasn’t kept records.

Ed, you mentioned there are businesses which want to come here but feel there is too much red tape. We all know that the “red tape” would disappear if the right palms were greased. Albany can change anything that keeps businesses and jobs out of New York. They can, but they don’t.

Ed, you are not a little boy anymore. Go out on your own and learn how you can help our area bring business to Amherst. You might lose some friends but you will earn the respect of the people in your district who need jobs.

If you need advice about how to bring life back to Amherst just ask the right people. Stay away from the old coots.

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