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“Green Light in Amherst”

We were having trouble deciding who wrote an editorial “Green Light in Amherst” in a local publication.

At first its amateurish pie-in-the-sky tone sounded typical, Wow, Amherst is getting Cricket AND Pickleball too!!

But eventually we realized it’s probably highlights from some powerpoint presentation Kulpa and/or Mensch (what’s the difference?) sent to the publication.

There is so much wrong with this piece of propaganda:

1. “The plan to transform more than 200 acres of prime real estate in Amherst cleared a key hurdle last week.”

We bet all of you Amherst Taxpayers, who wonder where your land and taxdollars went, didn’t know you were just “a hurdle” to be cleared. This disrespect tells me Kulpa/Mensch/Ciminelli, et al is behind this editorial.

2. “Indeed, it’s easy to see this development as part of a larger vision by Supervisor Brian Kulpa”

Right. The larger vision of Kulpa is to show that he plays nice with Big Money so that he can move on to Albany. He’ll probably brag that he did it all in a Pandemic without telling anyone the truth of what was going on.

3. “Developers are going to develop; the ventures on the Audubon property allow Mensch to profit from its investment.”

People of Amherst – It might be public land and taxpayer money but who are you to think you have any say in it? These are the masters of Amherst, they know better of what is good for the people, ignoring what they have repeatedly been told. We are just useful pawns to pay for their corruption. We are in Orwellian territory. Animal Farm and stifling voices. It is extraordinarily scary!

4. “but it wouldn’t make much sense for the Westwood property – which stretches near North Forest Road from Sheridan Drive to Maple Road – to remain vacant for another generation.”

Why not? What’s wrong with park land? What’s wrong with it remaining vacant for 10 generations? What’s wrong with keeping it a golf course?
Must all of Amherst be bulldozed and paved? Does Amherst need another Hotel, Office Building, or Parking Lot?

5. “ Growth and development are inevitable in Amherst, which once consisted largely of farmland.”

The old “Manifest Destiny” play: Concrete good, Farmland bad. Vacant land only exists to be turned into profits for Developers. That isn’t a field to walk your dog through, it’s a 4 story parking ramp. That isn’t a ball field, it’s the UBMD 250,000 sq ft building. You don’t want to play golf, you want virtual golf.

Finally, “ Not everyone will get what they want from the project”.
Well it sure looks like the Town Board & the Developers won and Amherst lost.

But why do the Developers always win? One reason is because they count on us being NIMBY’s (a name developers made up and always used to divide). Those close to Westwood/Audubon don’t much care about Transit Road and vice versa. And neither care about Amazon grabbing Grand Island land. What we need is a person or body of people who will coordinate against these attacks, get the big picture, and fight for the rights of residents and their healthy environment.

Sadly, we already have that “person or body of people.” They’re called the Town Board and Town Board Supervisor but instead of helping us they’re selling us out. And it’s the same all over Erie County where Big Money buys the influence of those who are supposed to be looking out for us.

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Do any of the 126,082 residents of Amherst really care …

06-17-2019 image of the 93 acres alienated at Audubon

The Town of Amherst has already sold off 15± acres of the Audubon Recreational Complex to UBMD / Bone&Guts LLC / Audubon Park MOB LLC during a COVID-19 pandemic with almost no explanation on how the UBMD part of the deal began and evolved (who offered what to who first), and

where public participation was actively discouraged,

where important parkland alienation related resolutions were placed on agendas at the last minute in suspension of the rules,

where the Supervisor sold his own vision extensively in the public media, radio stations, newspapers, TV stations,

where his messy, huge, wandering, and semi-incoherent Power Point presentations seemed to promise everything to everyone, and

where these same Power Point presentations produced so much sensory overload that they confused his audience more than informed them.

Does anyone really care about the details of  this potentially HUGE deal between the Town of Amherst  and the Mensch Capital Partners?

Does anyone really care about how much of the Audubon Recreational Complex,  currently a recreational green space, is acquired by the commercial developer in exchange for the Westwood property?

Does anyone really care how the land that Amherst “sells” at the Audubon Recreational Complex will be developed?

Does anyone really care how the land that Amherst “buys” at Westwood will be developed?

Does anyone really care how this deal will impact ALL of the residents of Amherst?

Does anyone really care about any potential current and long term financial impacts to the Town of Amherst from this deal?

Does anyone really care how this deal changes the future use of recreational green space in Amherst?

Does anyone really care how this deal could accelerate the commercialization of Maple Road?

Does anyone really care that our Supervisor and Town Board seemingly are content to make this ENTIRE deal within our virtual Town Hall with a minimum of two-way public participation and information sharing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Does anyone really care that our elected representatives are very dismissive of allowing active and ongoing public participation in the process of putting together the details of this deal?

Does anyone really care that that our elected representatives do not treat the public as valued stakeholders and partners in this deal, but just as “customers” or “disinterested observers”?

There are many many more important questions that need to be asked of the Supervisor and Town Board members that if the past is a guide, will never be answered by them. Does anyone really care?

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Residents Should Learn About Westwood/Audubon Deal

Commentary from a Concerned Citizen

As a concerned town resident regarding developments relating to the town’s potential acquisition of Westwood Country Club, in exchange for town property located at the Audubon golf course and the North Town Center recreational facility I am writing to urge Amherst residents to make an effort to understand all aspects of this project and make your views and concerns known to your elected officials long before this project has been negotiated and demand answers before this project is formally brought before town residents for the required hearing prior to a formal approval by this town board. If you wait until then to voice your concerns at that point this will be a done deal. A hearing of this type 99% of the time is just a necessary ordeal to be endured by the politicians’ before approval is granted, especially when all town board members are from the same political party. It will be imperative for all town residents to have an understanding not only of all the wonderful things this town board plans on being included in this project, but a firm estimate of the costs to be incurred for each project and where the revenue is going to come from initially and on an ongoing basis.

Town residents should keep in mind that this project as currently envisioned will be trans-formative in scope and forever change the landscape of our town. If we get this wrong we will be paying for years to come and long after our current elected officials will have left or have been voted out of office.

In a perfect world who would not want another beautiful park located in the geographical center of Amherst. However, before this park becomes a reality I ask everyone, especially our elected officials, to keep in mind when we are bartering away our town assets two things: 1) The town board did not go to the Mensch Capital group looking for a deal. Mensch Capital, looking for a way out of what was a bad deal that they made, came to the town for relief. 2) What the town currently has by way of green space and recreational activities has served the town well. In short we are not in desperate need to make this deal unless it benefits the town every bit as much as the developers. Also, the recent involvement of, “Bones and Guts who hope to benefit not only themselves but wealthy medical professionals who can well afford to anti-up and still come out well ahead should not be allowed to clean up on the backs of the town residents. As it is, all developers and recipients of their activities will clean up on the back end when our Amherst I.D.A. does its stuff. Then there is the numerous state credits, etc. Bottom line, when all the cards are shuffled and dealt the town better end up on the plus side economically after offsetting the cost to bring this project into fruition and let us not forget what all this will cost the town over time in increased additional employees, payroll taxes, pensions, maintenance, etc. on an on-going basis.

Final thought Mister and Mrs. Amherst: Do not blow this project off and ignore the details as this is one project once approved that we will not be able to undue.

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OUR Gambler

When reading the agenda for the next Town Board meeting of Monday, July 20th at 3 pm, two things became obvious.

The first was a Regular Town Board meeting according to the Rules of Order should start at 7 pm, but this one starts at 3 pm when a Work Session normally starts.

The second was
RES-2020-623 Creation of Trust Account for Funds Received from Sale of Alienated Parkland

Immediately the song “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers came to mind , especially the line “you never count your money while sittin’ at the table“.

So please forgive this feeble attempt, but when considering how the public has been treated lately when dealing with anything related to the Westwood / Audubon Recreational Complex deal, HUMOR and lots of it seemed to be the only way to go to keep your sanity.

WARNING: Humor by the Amherst Times

Opening Scene:  OUR Gambler is playing solitaire at his desk in Town Hall when a Town Board ZOOM video conference begins.  The Town Board members are seen wandering in remotely one by one. OUR Gambler starts his 37th  Power Point slide show of the day.

OUR Gambler may not know it yet, but he has a “gambling” problem, the pursuit of Westwood using OUR Audubon Recreation Complex as his chips.

This is his town, and we are just no account drifters passin’ thru. There is no place for us at the table in this high stakes  “game”, in fact he won’t even let us see the cards. It’s OUR Gambler against the Mensch boys hanging out in their hideout at Westwood.  So lock your doors and board up your Windows 10, there nothing to see here folks!

But those Mensch boys aren’t push overs, and have been gambling a lot longer than OUR Gambler . They can hold their liquor, smoke their cigars, and know their poker!  If you  play with them, “you gotta learn to play it right” since those Mensch boys play for keeps.

So Gambler , “I see your out of aces” , so “you gotta know when to …”

Closing Scene:  OUR Gambler finishes his 37th Power Point slide show and asks … ,  “Any questions from the audience?”. The ZOOM video conference ends.

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Amherst Town Board Councilmembers

By Judy Ferraro

To start…a few points

I firmly believe that everyone should have proper information and a voice in what should be built on Westwood and their Audubon Parkland. All will be varied, depending on where they live, priorities thereof, and recreational interests. That applies even among our own small group. exemplifying why it is so important for everyone to have the information and is able to partake in the development of these two prime beautiful examples of green space in Amherst.

There is no hard resolution deadline to proceed at warp speed as we are doing. It was changed once It can again. The resolution is non-binding.

Whatever was done before is irrelevant. It is the current plan that is being obfuscated and out of the public eye. This project having a document dump on July 2 and the SEQR submitted, today, the day of the vote, should never happen…All of you should know that.


I appreciate the efforts put forth to acquire Westwood and make it a beautiful, passive park with a touch of classic entertainment provided by Musical Fare. I appreciate the committees chosen to brainstorm as to how the transfer of Westwood would/could be achieved. I was on one of those committees. My understanding of committees, working with honorable people, on an honorable task, is that, in the end, the combined findings make their way to the owners…In this case, it is the PUBLIC. It is the TAXPAYERS. It is THEIR land, THEIR money and THEIR lives that will be affected by the consequences.. good or bad. THEY are the integral part of this transaction. And THEY have been excluded and their voices stifled. Is that/was that by design???

Deciding to move this latest rendition forward in a fog of no information or convoluted, confusing information while everyone is still in a Covid-19 stupor is disgusting, corrupt and evil. It is a breathtaking abuse of power…And a serious diversion of what you all ran on. Residents first. No, This is a blatant display of developers first, probably the worst that I have seen. And a wholesale sell-off of our parkland. The alienation of 93 acres was a huge mistake, in your hands! Any one who is complicit in this subterfuge, knowingly or not…would hopefully reexamine and/ or educate yourselves as to the underhandedness of what is going on here and deny the rezone, or any other action until such time as the public can be informed with all the details including financially and how their taxes will be affected. To do otherwise is an abdication of your duty to the electorate and betrays who you truly are.

Now, suddenly, we have to supercharge the charade to get it done? Still without people being fully informed and able to participate in decisions, while in a pandemic. Is it possible to be more out-of-touch, arrogant and corrupt??

Who knows, the community may like what you have created. But until they are told, no one knows. As it stands, the question now is, Westwood at what cost, the public must decide not selected people or group in CENTRAL PLANNING.

Never forget that you govern by the consent of the governed. They can’t be ignored. Deliberately circumventing them as you have been doing procedurally during the entire process is criminal. Subjugating yourselves to be in the service of developers to destroy central Amherst under the language of Amherst Central Park only underscores the web of deceit that you have employed to perpetrate one of the biggest con jobs on the people of Amherst.

Vote NO on any Comprehensive Plan amendment and/or rezoning of anything until the people are fully informed. This exchange of the people’s parkland is too important for the community to be excluded.

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The BIG Town Board Meeting is Monday, July 6th

Amherst Municipal Building
5583 Main Street Williamsville, NY 14221

The Town Board’s BIG day is this Monday, July 6th is here!

Don’t miss it! These meeting will be epic.

Log in on Zoom at 4 pm then to another at 5 pm and the kicker at 6 pm as indicated below. Good viewing to all!

4 pm Public Work Session
(same as the Regular Town Board meeting, just stay connected)

To view the Work Session via Zoom:
Phone: 1-929-205-6099
    or on computer
Meeting ID: 886 6176 5986
Password: 149405

5 pm Regular Town Board Meeting

To view the Regular Town Board Meeting via Zoom:
Phone: 1-929-205-6099
      or on computer
Meeting ID: 886 6176 5986
Password: 149405

6 pm Special Town Board Meeting

To view the Special Town Board Meeting via Zoom:
Phone: 1-929-205-6099
      or on computer
Meeting ID: 816 4890 7151
Password: 338064

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“It stinks”

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July 2020 Reminder Notes

On Thursday, July 2, 2020 the Town Board agendas for the next two Town Board meetings, both on Monday, July 6, 2020, will be posted on the Town of Amherst Meeting Portal website.


The work session starts at 4 pm, TB meeting 1 at 5 pm, and TB meetings 2 at 6 pm. That is quite an ambitious time schedule given the topics being discussed. Apparently they are planning on little or no discussions.

We recommend you look at both agendas, and for anything like “MOU“, or “Audubon“, or “Mensch” or “Westwood“.

If you view the YouTube video posted on the Supervisor’s re-election Facebook page you see why the July 6th Town Board meeting is important to you. It is when the Town Board will decide on a whether to approve a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Mensch Capital Partners and the Town of Amherst on the land swap of a portion of the Audubon Recreational Complex (ARC) and Westwood.

We really have no idea what the Supervisor and his people are doing behind virtual/real closed doors with Mensch, but we MAY get a small glimpse of what they are willing to let the public know in the July 6th Town Board agenda.

Remember the Town Board currently says they are constrained to complete this MOU by July 10th, or Town Hall will become a pumpkin patch. But don’t hold your breath, they moved the goal posts before and they can do it again using their infamous use of the “Suspension of the Rules” to hide agenda items.

Resolution 2020-570:

What else is happening at the July 6th Special Town Board meeting (the second one that day)? The Town Board votes on the UBMD/Ciminelli rezoning of 14.97 acres at Audubon to allow private development there, a key element to the larger plan for something similar with Mensch for the remaining portion of the 93 acres the town originally alienated.

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Apparently the Supervisor realized it didn’t look good for an official Town of Amherst video to be posted ONLY on his Facebook page, so all such videos of his (there were several) were pulled a day or two after we pointed this out to our readers. This may not be an admission anything by him, but it sure looks like some sort of a reaction to us.

The Town of Amherst (note the Amherst seal!) recently took the unusual action of posting a YouTube video “staring” Supervisor Brian Kulpa about the “Town Board’s plan” for the acquisition of Westwood from Mensch.

Is this a good faith effort at keeping the public informed on the Westwood initiative, or a blatant sales pitch to justify an unpopular deal that opens the door to the development of a portion of the Audubon Recreational Complex by Mensch?

Given the liberal use of suspension of the rules at Town Board meeting, and the slow drip, drip, drip of the little bits of information released over a long period of time about this deal, you be the judge.

Why has the Supervisor gone to the extraordinary effort of using a high profile YouTube video to communicate his Westwood plan, and why now? Does he feel that YouTube is more appropriate for his target audience, or is he trying to proactively reduce public resistance for this potentially huge change to Amherst?

Listen closely, and then ask yourself did you hear a coherent, well reasoned, and competent presentation that increases your confidence in the plan, or was it more of a collection loosely connected individual actions somehow related to each other which may or may not work.

Finally ask yourself why is all this happening without robust public interaction, and without the public being able to comment in-person at Planning Board and Town Board meetings?

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SPECIAL Planning Board Meeting Thursday, June 25th at 6:30 PM


UPDATE June 25th:    Apparently the rezoning vote on June 18th will stand. A procedural problem with a previous Z-2020-04 vote on April 23rd requires another vote to rescind that action at the next Planning Board meeting on Aug 20th.

This is a rather unusual situation since the Planning Board met just last week. What’s going on here?


The Minutes of June 18th Planning Board haven’t yet been finalized, and somehow a Special Planning Board meeting has been scheduled in less than a week to reconsider a rezoning request that was unanimously voted down at that meeting.

Z-2020-04 Property located at 21 Klein Road (835 Hopkins Road)
RJK Buffalo Properties LLC, Petitioner

Call-In Instructions: 1-646-558-8656
Meeting ID: 842 7493 5505
Password: 743990

For those who would like to see something different and educational, this is the meeting for you.

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