New York State Lottery: Your Odds of Winning on an Instant Win Scratch-Off

The New York Lottery raises billions of dollars a year – much of it going into the coffers for education purposes. Aside from knowing your well earned money you're spending is being spent for a great cause, another gratifying sensation is taking your coin (or whichever object you prefer), scratching off that instant win scratch-off, and actually making some money to fill your own pockets. But, in reality, what are your chances of even winning on a scratch-off to even pull even?Truthfully the odds are stacked against you when it comes to even breaking even on a scratch-off. Anyone looking for a get-rich-quick scheme – keep looking, you'd have a better chance going to a casino and trying your hand at some card games.

There is an array of different instant win scratch-off games in which the New York State Lottery sells – each of them attractive in their own ways from advertising hefty jackpots to eye-catching colors that'll make any avid gambler tick inside – even moderately. In this array of scratch-off choices there are different amounts in which these games cost ranging from $1 to a promising-looking $30 scratch-off.

Here's a list of the scratch-off games (from cheapest to most expensive) and their overall odds of winning. Please note that this list's data comes directly from the New York Lottery's website located at

($1) – Amazing 8's: 1 in 4.96
($1) – $500 A Week for Life: 1 in 4.84
($1) – Bonus Bucks: 1 in 4.94…

Guide to Betting on Sports: What Does it Mean to Buy Points?

At most sportsbooks, bettors have the option of “buying points” on certain sports, which entails accepting worse odds in exchange for a better line. This option is typically available on sports like football and basketball-sides and totals-but not sports like baseball and hockey.Generally, you are charged 10 “cents” for each half point move, with a cap on how many points are allowed. Which is to say if the odds on your game are the standard -110, you can move the line a half point in your favor if you’re willing to bet at -120 instead, a full point if you’re willing to bet at -130, etc.

So let’s say the total on the Bulls-Knicks game is 188 at a sportsbook that charges -110 for straight bets, and you are interested in betting $50 on the Over. You can bet Over 188 at -110 of course, meaning you’d put up $55 to win $50. But by buying points, if you preferred you could also bet Over 187.5 at -120 risking $60 to win $50, Over 187 at -130 risking $65 to win $50, Over 186.5 at -140 risking $70 to win $50, etc.

So when, if ever, is it a good idea to buy points like this?

How much a point is worth depends on how likely the game is to land on that point. The best evidence to use in estimating this probability is generally historical data for that sport. So if you want to know how much better Over …

NBA Draft Lottery Settled

The NBA draft lottery was pretty exciting, the Washington Wizards now hold the #1 pick overall in the 2010 NBA Draft.The Wizards had a 1 in 10 chance to win the #1 pick.

The top 3 goes as follows:

  1. Washington Wizards
    2. Philadelphia 76ers
    3. New Jersey Nets

Washington Wizards

After a dramatic season involving star Gilbert Arenas who was suspended for the last 50 games of the regular season due to charges brought against him for having weapons… guns, in the team's locker room. They were very fortunate to grab the #1 overall pick, as they only had about a 10 % chance to win it. It's accepted by most analysts and sports fans that John Wall of Kentucky will be the first overall pick. Despite only being a freshman, Wall showed how dynamic of a player he could be, and is already the consensus best prospect in the nation.

Philadelphia 76ers

A team that doesn't look like they're going anywhere anytime soon. They have some pieces in place, such as Andre Iguodala. But Iguodala and co. in Philadelphia haven't been able to make much noise in the Eastern Conference, having missed the playoffs in consecutive years. Assuming Wall goes #1 overall, most agree that Evan Turner will be the next player taken. Turner, a SG from Ohio State has put up great numbers in the three years he has played for the Buckeyes. Turner could be the spark for Philadelphia.

New Jersey Nets

New Jersey is another team …

NFL 2010 Las Vegas Early Betting Lines & Picks: October 17

The Las Vegas Hilton Superbook has picked five games of the week for all 17 weeks. The idea began last year with the Golden Nugget and now there are 200 college games of the week posted months before the season as well as 85 NFL games. The M Resort has taken the process one step further and posted lines on every game of the NFL season. The following five games are the chosen games for Week 6 of NFL season.Miami Dolphins vs Green Bay Packers -5.5

The Miami Dolphins travel to take on the Green Bay Packers on the not frozen tundra of Lambeau Field in mid October. The weather will still be chilly but Miami gets a break with the time of year they make their trip up North. Aaron Rodgers started slow last season but by Week 6 of the NFL season he was well underway to a remarkable season.

Chad Henne, the Miami starting quarterback, will be out to prove his critics wrong and by Game 6 we should know where he stands among NFL quarterbacks. Brandon Marshall is a key addition to Miami's offense and if Ronnie Brown is healthy this could be a good game. Take Green Bay -5.5 and take a look at the over if it is posted between 40-42 points.

Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots -3

Everyone is on the Baltimore Ravens bandwagon as the season nears. New England as a short favorite at home is an irresistible pick in …

Dangerscopes Gambling Horoscopes: January & February 2008

Dangerscopes are Horoscopes with a gambling edge!Aries (3/21 – 4/19)

Beware of: Sheila, confetti, fake eyelashes, broken glass, and easels

Not having such a great start to 2008 has made you feel insensitive to the needs of others. Take it out on the slots because you need some alone time to get your head together. You won’t win much but it will be like therapy for you. The full moon on February 2nd will have a romantic effect on you so get with your sweetheart and create some heat. Also, please get a pedicure before March you’re cutting the sheets with those rough feet and long toenails of yours.

Leo (7/23 – 8/22)

Beware of: Charles, Raid, edible panties, glass cleaner, and cobwebs

I advised you to beware of Nair but you’re a risk taker and now you know you have an allergy to the product. Try laser hair removal instead. It will cost you more, but you won’t have to cake on makeup to hide unsightly blotches. Barack Obama who is also a Leo has been on your mind a lot lately, so I want you to take big risks and play craps. It will help pay off that expensive electric bill.

Sagittarius (11/22 – 12/21)

Beware of: Cornell, snow, shag carpet, crab legs, and baby powder

2008 has been good to you so far and your joyful side has been dominating your on edge side. If you want it to last longer do not bother with slots …

Betting on Bonds: Home Run 756 Props

With Barry Bonds only 3 home runs shy of setting a new career home run record he is all the rage. If you are as bored with all of the news coverage about Bonds as I am, maybe you would like having some fun with his upcoming record-setting swing.I came across some proposition bets involving Barry's chase for Hank Aaron's home runs record and I thought that they were interesting. These odds can be found online or at Station Casinos in Las Vegas. Here they are:

What handed pitcher will give up Bonds's 756th Home Run?

Righty – -170 ($1.70 to win $1.00)

Lefty – +140 ($100 to win $1.40)


Bonds has hit 13 of his 19 home runs this season off of righties and he has 530 of his 753 homeruns off of righties in his career.

Bonds's last two home runs have been against lefties.

Bonds bats .293 against righties and .274 against lefties.

Out of the next six starters scheduled to face the Giants, 5 are righties.


I think Bonds will break the record against Atlanta Braves pitcher Buddy Carlysle, a right-handed pitcher.

On what count will Bonds hit home run number 756?

1-0 count – 7-2

0-0 count – 6-1

3-2 count – 6-1

3-0 count – 10-1

(other counts prices or availability are not known)


Since 2004 Bonds has hit the most home runs (14) on a 1-0 count.

Since 2004 Bonds has hit 13 home runs in both a 0-0 …

Online Lottery Scams

Congratulations, you have won the UK Olympic Online Lottery! With your winning numbers from the April 23rd drawing you are now $3.5 million richer. Please contact us at the below email address and we will get started on remitting your prize money to you.This sounds like the dumbest thing anyone could ever fall for, but I definitely bit hook, line and sinker. I consider myself as educated as the next person, but just like most Americans, I was looking for that big payday. I started rehearsing all the things I wanted to tell my boss, looking at the house I was going to buy, the places I was going to travel and things I was going to buy.

During the excitement, I did not stop to question the fees they were charging me to handle the transactions. I just headed over to Western Union and sent the money as quick as I could. By the time I started to realize I was being scammed, they had already taken me for $1,800. When you think you have won millions, this seems like a really small sum to have to pay to receive your prize. Looking back that should have been the first red flag I noticed.

This happened to me about six months ago and since then I have researched a lot of these scams and have also noticed they are getting more coverage on the news here in the US. I guess it is somewhat comforting to know that I …

Lottery Scholarship

Today varieties of scholarships are available for dedicated and studious students. Lottery scholarship is a typical scholarship and the application and selection procedure is also typical. Here you do not have to complete a lengthy application form or provide essays and recommendation letters or so. You simply have to fill a short form and give your details like name, phone number, address and email. Here you do not have to compete with others and there are no criteria of selection. No matter what your academic and other achievements are. You stand with the same expectation and possibilities as any other candidate.Increasing cost of higher education has kept students worrying about the completion of their studies. However, along with the government there are many private organizations, foundations and individuals who are ready to give financial aid to students who really want to study and have some ambition or goal in their life. The scholarships are for students with financial need and those who cannot afford paying for school or college and they have secured good academic grade throughout the academic year, they can apply for any type of scholarships.

Lottery scholarships are completely different from other scholarships. Here you fill out a short form giving primary personal details and you enter into the scholarship program. Once you are selected you will be provided with some information regarding the sponsor and you will have your award money. The only thing is that you have to use the money for your further studies. …

Syracuse Betting Pool: Top Choices for Supporting Actor

It’s that time of year again. Time for the annual Syracuse betting pool, an informal and very small group of die-hard film fans, to start making predictions for the Academy Awards. This year has a number of great contenders for Best Supporting Actor, but here are some of the formidable acting talents that stand out from the rest and are the most likely wins, as established by our group.

Kenneth Branagh

When it comes to veteran British actors, Kenneth Branagh is right at the top of the list, having long ago established himself as a giant talent in his many Shakespearean roles. His appearance in “My Week With Marilyn” as Laurence Olivier shows that he still has the acting chops that helped him get where he is today.

Branagh not only captures the spirit of the great Olivier but also does so with a power and a passion that truly sets him apart. The fact that the film did moderately well at the box office, as well as its warm critical reception, certainly smooths the way for this most esteemed of British actors to take home the award.

Christopher Plummer

Where to start with Christopher Plummer? Although his career has never truly flagged, it has experienced something of a renaissance in recent years, culminating with his role in the film “Beginners.” In this touching romantic drama, he portrays an older man who finally comes out to his son and explores that aspect of his life before dying of cancer.…

Syracuse Betting Pool: Top Choices for Best Actor

The Oscars are almost here, and the tension is heating up among the Syracuse betting pool, a small, informal group of friends who take a little time each year to make some friendly wagers about the film industry's biggest awards. This year's Best Actor category has some interesting contenders, with some bigger and lesser-known names alike contending for the Academy's highest honor for a male performer. Here, then, are the Syracuse betting pool's top choices for Best Actor.

Brad Pitt

One thing that sets Brad Pitt apart is that he has managed to truly mature as an actor, and the Academy smiles on those who are able to continue acting and doing it well. However, we all know that performance is just one part of determining who will win the Best Actor Award.

It certainly helps that "Moneyball" has also won almost universal acclaim from the critics. This, combined with Pitt's acting, may yet move this aging but still well-tuned star into winning territory.

Gary Oldman

Pitt may have his work cut out for him, as he faces stiff competition from this man, the star of "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy." Though Oldman has been in numerous films, and has almost always won acclaim for his versatility, he has not been nominated for any Academy Awards. As a result, the Academy may finally reward him for one of his most important starring roles in recent years. If any actor deserves to finally receive recognition with an Academy Award, it is the …