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Village Board to hold meeting, work session via Zoom on May 11

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Zoom video conferencing will be used once again for a Village Board meeting with the Trustees working from home.

Comparing how these meetings have changed over the weeks becomes obvious, the Village has apparently adopted the Zoom video conferencing format of the Amherst Town Board meetings.

The Williamsville Village Board will hold its next meeting at 7:30 p.m. Monday, May 11, via Zoom, a multi-user video application.

The meeting will be preceded by a 6:30 p.m. work session.

To view the regular meeting agenda, CLICK HERE.

The work session agenda is available by CLICKING HERE.
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Village of Williamsville April 13th budget meeting on video

Village of Williamsville Zoom Meeting:

Our readers are encouraged to view both the video of the Village of Williamsville’s budget meeting held on April 13th using Zoom, and then compare it to any of the past three video meetings of the Town Board also held using Zoom.

Video of the Village of Williamsville April 13th Budget meeting is available on YouTube at:

Town of Amherst Zoom Meeting:

Here are the some simple observations.

  • The Village Zoom meeting allows public participation while the Town does not!
  • The Village Zoom meeting has active public expression for its residents while The Town does not!
  • The Village Zoom meeting shows ALL board members on screen while the Town does not!
  • The Town Zoom meeting shows a useless, grainy, out of focus agenda page on screen at all times with just a small thumbnail image of the speaker !
  • The Town Zoom meeting focuses mainly on the Supervisor while the Village includes all participants, board members, attorney, and staff!

The residents of Amherst deserve to have Zoom meetings as good as that of the residents of Williamsville. This includes at Zoning Board of Appeals meetings, Planning Board meetings, and especially at Town Board meetings. It isn’t difficult, the Village of Williamsville has already done it.

The message the Town Board appears to be sending its residents is that we’ve got everything under control, relax and trust us your participation isn’t needed!

The residents of the Town of Amherst  deserve a better effort to include their voice in town government.

  • The next Village of Williamsville board meeting is April 27th where all public comment must be provided via email by April 24th. There will be NO PUBLIC COMMENT at the April 27th meeting. Maybe they have watching the Town Board meetings.

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