Celebration of Life Sarah Attea Griffin, 41, Barrel Racing Champion

Nov. 8, 2018

Sarah Attea Griffin rides Dash N Spark, also known as Sparky, around a barrel.

Sarah Attea Griffin was in elementary school when she was introduced to barrel racing. It became a lifelong passion, taking her across the country, as she galloped around the cones in the ring and made new friends outside the ring.

“Once she started,” said her husband, Thomas Griffin, “she was hooked.”

They traveled around the country going to rodeos and barrel races, where she won multiple Women’s Professional Rodeo Association┬áDistrict Barrel Racing Championships. She enjoyed teaching and helping others, sometimes putting on clinics. She also loved trying to fine-tune the finer points of her sport, and thought the best barrel riders were always quiet and smooth.

“She was a great friend,” Griffin said. “If someone went out to meet her for dinner, she always wanted to pay, she always wanted to do more for them than herself.”

Ms. Griffin died Sunday in her Lockport home following a 17-month battle with glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor. She was 41.
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