Comment From A Concern Citizen :

Mr. Tricoli has been reporting since 1988, according to his site. It is relevant for him to be giving the clarion call about the unbridled development that continues to be allowed in Amherst even after experts have informed the town that Amherst is built out and redevelopment is the operative direction along with protecting green space. Not that expert advice or observation is needed. The only ones crying to build everything, everywhere, destroying the environment in the process, are those blinded by greed, using the old con lingo of lowering taxes.

All development has come with the promise of lower taxes. It will never happen as long as the IDA passes out millions to developers in credits. Ordinary taxpayers pick up the slack for all the taxes not paid by them. In some cases taxpayers pay more than they do.

Steven Sanders and Michael Szukala are candidates for Town Board. They have been and are compliant board members on the IDA. Enough said.

One Response to “Comment From A Concern Citizen :”

  1. Phil says:

    Sitting on 2 Amherst Boards, concurrently, is an obvious conflict of interest and that includes the Amherst IDA. Concurrentcy should be outlawed immediately and enacted for the next elections.

    Furthermore, there should be a 2 year waiting period before anyone leaving the Amherst IDA is eligible for any other Amherst Board.

    And as IDA members are not elected – if they are going to spend Amherst taxpayer money they should run for election and not be appointed by the Town Board. Being appointed by the Town Board and then being allowed to sit on other Towns boards creates the opportunity for corruption, cronyism, and conflict of interest.

    Of course, the obvious solution for cleaning up Amherst government is to immediately eliminate the Corporate Welfare Program called the Amherst IDA. Distributing Amherst tax dollars to Developers who destroy Amherst greenspace with no oversight is a sham.