Comment from a Concerned Citizen

If what Michele is saying is true, this whole charade is truly an outrage. Either Kulpa is naive or he believes the rest of us are. The cemetery was proposed by Mensch during the original land swap with Westwood. Weinstein refused to play their game mostly because of the lopsided value of the people’s parkland, versus Westwood’s. It appears what we have here is the Mensch swap by stealth, bit by bit to get all of the Audubon. Kulpa already finagled 93 acres of parkland using Westwood as the single reason. He initially wanted 240 acres. Now, he’s going back for more parkland to transfer to a for-profit corporation? What else will emerge down the pike to get more parkland? After all, it is still shy of 240.

The parkland spoils being divided and Westwood still not in hand would indicate a giant con job on the people. Kulpa with his selected employees were to be different from the past. Sadly, they are. They are not merely tools of these developers, they are their agents. And, we’re paying for it.

Looks like Mensch gets the “mulligan” and the town’s people get shafted.

This comment was originally submitted on February 14, 2020 in response to Town of Amherst Asks for a Mulligan.

One Response to “Comment from a Concerned Citizen”

  1. Harold says:

    I read this with much interest when it was first posted.
    It certainly does appear to be an attempt to transform the whole of Audubon. This is something everyone is familiar with through Supervisor Weinstein back in 2012 and 2013. He was transparent about negotiations and why he was opposed to swapping the Audubon for Westwood.

    Under new leadership, the only transparency is that the Audubon is being doled out to developers, with little in return, while Westwood is cast in the shadows along with the prospect of eminent domain. But, that prospect could possibly be resurrected, at the end of the summer deadline, by Mighty Mouse riding in to save the day. A day late and a dollar short, say I. Unless, of course, there is nothing built anyplace until Westwood is out of the hands of the Mensches, as per the agreement. To do otherwise would prove that the strings we see sticking out from jackets and shirts have a purpose.

    As Robin Williams once suggested: “Politicians should wear sponsor jackets like Nascar drivers. Then we know who owns them.”

    If anyone deserves a “Mulligan,” it is the taxpayers and voters of Amherst.