Comment from Concerned Citizen

Amherst Council Chambers

The council chambers at Town Hall has a capacity of 300. So 25% of capacity is 75 people. It is obvious that the town board could easily hold their public meetings in that room while maintaining proper distance Live streaming the meetings and allowing for public engagement in some manner needs to be reconstituted in the short term Arrangements should be made to inform and accommodate the public.

One Response to “Comment from Concerned Citizen”

  1. Jon says:

    That’s a really good point, There are rarely 75 ppl at a town board meeting. So, we can go to church, restaurants, shopping, get a hair cut but not a beard trim and the town board is too fragile to conduct its business in the open, with or without the public. Chew on that for a minute and consider for yourself whether it is reasonable behavior from our leaders. .What say ye town officials? And I’m asking all of you. I’d ask in person but the door to town hall is padlocked.
    The clerk shall call the roll.