Concerned Citizen

Oct.12, 2019

I would like to hear a response from the Amherst Board of Ethics, the Amherst Town Attorney and the Amherst Open Government Advisory Board as to whether they consider sitting on the Town Board and the IDA concurrently is a conflict of interest.

Is it ethical that an IDA member make a proposal to the Town Board and then as Town Board member vote on that very same proposal?

Is it ethical that Town Board members appoint IDA members who can become Town Board members concurrently and then are allowed to appoint new IDA members?

This fosters cronyism and is appears to be the definition of “conflict of interest”.

Can anyone from the Board of Ethics, Open Government Advisory Board, or Town Attorney explain why this is ethical, legal, and not a conflict of interest – what am I missing ?

It seems that this practice should be stopped dead in its tracks immediately – before the next election.

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