Concerned Citizens Comments: He’s Not Running There, but Poloncarz Looms Large in 2019 Amherst Races

County Executive Elect | Erie County Transition Team

The Crown Prince Of Amherst.

As I state on this website previously, if Amherst residents don’t believe that the County Executive is not influencing the day to day operation of this Town, just read the above article in the News today. Since when did the Town Supervisor need a Chief of Staff and what has this position done in the past year to make the day to day operation of Town of Amherst any better?

Why do we have a Chief of Staff? That’s literally the Supervisor’s job. Mr. Kulpa seems to think he is still a Mayor. The town board members think they answer to him, but really it’s the other way around.
They are supposed to set policy and he’s supposed to “supervise” day to day operations. Unfortunately, he’s more like Napoleon.


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