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Dec. 27, 2018

Concerned Citizen: From Walt

Past Supervisors had two staff members who attended to organizing the Supervisor’s schedule, answering phone calls, emails, letters and other inquiries, etc. The present Supervisor added two more positions to his staff – Chief of Staff and Director of Strategic Planning. I have heard that an additional person will be added to his staff the beginning of this upcoming year.

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  1. walt says:

    If you check the Town Board’s upcoming Agenda on their website, you will see that not one, but two new positions will be added to the Supervisors’ appointees for the positions of Director and Deputy Director of Finance. The proposed cumulative salaries for these positions will be approx. $242,000 plus benefits. The Town has had for for many years the positions of Comptroller and Assistant (Deputy) Comptroller. The cumulative salaries for the two members of the staff added last year are approx. $163,000. (plus benefits). When you add the new position of Zoning Compliance Officer, that was given to the former Commissioner of Building at approx. $118,000, these total up to over $500,000 (plus benefits). I hope these new positions have a positive affect on the daily operation of the Town.
    I would appreciate any feedback if my information is not correct.

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