Cornered Citizen Whose Words are Right on The Ball.

See the source imageIndustrial Development Agency sounds great but what are they doing?
The basic function of an IDA is to attract or create jobs.
What IDA’s have morphed into is simply more Corporate Welfare.

We’re subsidizing Developers and Corporate Ventures with public tax dollars – why give Tax Dollars to a business when there are other similar competing private businesses in the same area? And it’s made worse by extending these tax breaks for 5, 10, or even more years.

If you owned a shoe store how would you like it if a government supported shoe store opened next door? The Mother House project should stand on it’s own with no incentives. If it’s a worthy project let private development go after it, if not then nothing happens. What’s wrong with that?

The Amherst IDA appears to be beholding to no one and operates without following its own ByLaws.
We have unelected, pro-development appointees in control of spending public tax dollars – not good.
The Amherst IDA should be broken up and its mission returned to direct Amherst Government control where elected citizens can oversee its mission.

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