Could This Be Buffalo’s First Tech Goliath?

May 12. 2019

The frosted-glass conference rooms at ACV Auctions no longer fit the startup’s fast-growing sales team, so employees crowd one end of their open office to click through March numbers on a three-foot flat screen.

11,939 cars. 2,375 buyers. 160 new hires in the past three months – roughly half of them in ACV’s downtown Buffalo offices.

The 50-odd salespeople at this afternoon’s meeting applaud, uninvited, after each number is read. They wear sweaters, plaid button-ups, ACV T-shirts; they cluster around long work tables and standing desks.

Some gave up jobs at established firms to work here. Others stayed in Buffalo for ACV after college. Already, the company – whose app lets car dealers buy and sell used cars online – has expanded to 100 markets, hired more than 680 people and raised $147 million in venture capital.
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