Did the Amherst Planning Board violate NYS Open Meetings Law?

The Amherst Planning Board has changed its reasons for controlling public participation at it’s meetings. Why?

NYS Open Meetings Law: https://www.dos.ny.gov/coog/openmeetlaw.html

From the April 23rd Planning Board agenda …

In accordance with an Executive Order issued by Amherst Supervisor Brian J. Kulpa, “Planning Board public hearings will not be required for site plan approvals, subdivisions, or recommendations to theTown Board (including, but not limited to, rezoning actions).”

From the May 21rd Planning Board agenda …

In accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order 202.1 and for public health and safety concerns related to COVID-19, the Planning Board meeting on May 21, 2020 will be held via Zoom. The public will have an opportunity to view and participate in the meeting live.

2 Responses to “Did the Amherst Planning Board violate NYS Open Meetings Law?”

  1. Corona's Playground says:

    It is not possible to have:
    “TRUST- the “glue” that BINDS the people AND government.”
    When more information is being exposed on Jim’s website (he would be proud) that screams CORRUPTION. It contravenes the First Amendment, for starters. Where are Amherst’s attorneys? Where are any attorneys? All of these people know how evil and crooked these tactics are, but are still willing to sink as lows as snakes to get it done for their rich and connected buddies.

    This occurring during a devastating health and economic crisis makes them even more of a pants on fire, sleazy regime.

  2. Jim was one of kind, a truly honest man. We try our best to live up to his standards.