Donald Trump Jr. Criticized Over ‘loser teachers’ Comment: ‘Not a good look at all’

Feb. 13, 2019

2 Responses to “Donald Trump Jr. Criticized Over ‘loser teachers’ Comment: ‘Not a good look at all’”

  1. John Snyder says:

    Looser teachers: Sounds like he was an undergrad at UB.

  2. Phil says:

    Why are Teachers being called losers?

    It’s more of Big Money trying to break up the Unions again. These Teacher strikes are, bottom line, a fight between public education and Charter schools as professed by Trump’s cohort Betsy DeVos. Public education needs fixing, not elimination.

    And if you listen to Big Money all you get is the standard propaganda that Unions are terrible and Free Enterprise is best. Big Money’s version of Free Enterprise is to replace all Union Contracts with Mandatory Arbitration so that each worker has no rights – either collectively or individually.

    Where do you Big Money at work locally?

    TOPS Management who immediately after Union concessions to help TOPS get out of bankruptcy tried to bonus themselves.

    Bak USA who received no NYS help and closed but yet NYS is ready to give the richest man in the world tax breaks for Amazon to come to NYS.

    New Era Caps who is moving from NYS to Florida to escape dealing with Unions. How much do you think the workers in Florida will make an hour? Do you think they will have any leverage against Management? I’ll never purchase another New Era Cap or wear one again.

    All your local IDA’s who give away your tax dollars to businesses who would relocate anyway with no incentives.

    On a larger scale are you affected? You bet…..
    It’s your contaminated medications which are all being produced off shore to increase Big Pharma profits.
    It’s you airline safety because airplane maintenance has been off-shored.
    It’s your Social Security which Big Money is still trying to privatize.
    It’s the demonization of HealthCare and Childcare as Socialistic while Big Money flourishs under their disguised Corporate Socialism.

    Get informed so that you can recognize Big Money at work and stop being cattle.