Don’t Drown Williamsville in a Valley of Booze

Aug. 24, 2018

by James Tricoli
editor of the

The Village of Williamsville has thrown upon the residents a plan proposed by a citizen, David Schutte of the Schutte Hospitality Group.  Mr. Schutte has owned the Creekside Restaurant for the last 22 years. Mr. Schutte feels the addition of a craft brewing and brew restaurant will increase the profit for his group. The site for these two brew type business will be where the Center for Plastic Surgery was  on Main St.

The people who go to brewery restaurants usually don’t go shopping in the village shops. They basically come at night to have a few brews, have a small snack and to relax.

There are several brewery pubs and craft breweries in our area. The five most popular are, The Flying Bison Brewing Company, Buffalo Brewing Company, Community Beer Works, Resurgence Brewing and Brickyard Pub. All of these pubs have many extra features which entice patrons to stay. The one planned for Williamsville will not have these features.

When the weather turns a bit colder most people go to the The Irishman Pub down a few steps from the proposed Brewing pub and craft brewery.

Why would Mr. Schutte want to built a beer center near a fine food and liqueur restaurant?  Of course, it’s to make more money.

People who go to the Irishman or any of the excellent restaurants in Williamsville, will not favor a building which is turned into a glorified beer tent.

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