Ed Rath, The “Peter Pan” Of The Erie County Leg.

Ed Rath, learning to read with the children.

I picked up the Amherst Bee this week, as I do every Wednesday. I usually read all the news stories, the sports section and the ads. There was an article written by Ed Rath concerning the passing of different items contained in the Erie County budget. I have to acknowledge Ed for not taking all the credit for the writing of this budget. The truth is he added nothing useful, even thought he wrote he added much to this budget.

Ed had little positive input into this year’s budget. He should have given credit to the Democrats in the Leg. who fought to get money put back in to help the libraries.

Rath is the Peter Pan of this Leg. The soone he is appointed to a higher office, where he can do nothing effectively, the better. That’s when the Erie Couinty Leg. will really get some work done.

Being the son of a do-little politican means anything he does looks good, but Ed Rath hasn’t figured this out yet. Soon the people will see that his name alone does not mean he is effective.

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