Editorial: Buy Westwood Now

May 21, 2019

EDITORIAL:  written by James Tricoli, editor of the amherstimes.com

The Town of Amherst should buy the WESTWOOD property now. Amherst has enough bonding power to purchase this land now. Putting any faith into the hands of developers is outright dangerous.

The history of how developers have lied to the town is infamous.

3 Responses to “Editorial: Buy Westwood Now”

  1. Alan W says:

    What’s the appraisal? Seems the Town Board is intent upon selling off our park
    to pay for another one.

  2. Georgia says:

    You can only buy something thats for sale. or trade for it by bartering something of equal value. so whats the audubon land worth
    and why is it a secret..

  3. John Snyder says:

    Obviously Westwood is worth much more. Why??? Location, location and location. Get it? That’s location, location, location…

    As usual its not their money why should they care?