Editorial: The Blocher Homes Mature Residents Are Fighting For Their Lives

by James Tricoli
Editor of the amhersttimes.com

The courage and fighting spirit of the people who live in the Blocher Homes should put most people to shame.  They are going to be booted out of their home by ‘big business’ that wants to put up mixed-use apartments.

The ‘mature fighters’ want to stay at the Blocher home. They are older people who found a place where they can live with dignity and safety, but the big money people have created intense fear for these people.

Old age brings more aches and pains. We begin to look forward to going home to relax and we reach out for GOD’S help.

I stand up and cheer and will work, for these giants, some as old as 104, who are standing up for their cause.

The people of Amherst should not forget how many of these people saved America by fighting in World War II. Many of them gave so much and now put themselves out on the line as we sit on our asses not fighting alongside them. These seniors are fighting another war, not against Hitler instead this war only changed its name to “money-fiends”

They won the first war and now they need help from the community to save their home and win this new war. The buyer of the property said they can’t afford to continue to operate the facility in the current senior care climate, and housing for low-and middle-income renters is badly needed in this area.

To the new owners of the Blocher Homes property, I say – step away and find another place to build your ‘mixed-use’ apartments.

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