Editorial: The Buffalo Renaissance Came About by Crooked Politicians, Developers and Outside Money

Nov. 8, 2019


Buffalo is Run The Same way as Tammy Hall was Run – by Political Crooks

by James Tricoli, editor of the ammhersttimes.com

Was anyone surprised when the F.B I. and other law enforcement agents went into Buffalo City Hall and removed box upon box of materials from offices that deal with housing and development in Buffalo? Human beings are a complex species who want to be honest and trustworthy, but then the weaknesses of man come into play; money, power, and control over others especially in politics.

We have been reading about the Renaissance in downtown Buffalo including new hotels, restaurants, housing, and the list goes on and on. Money is needed to have such changes made in Buffalo, BIG money. Many of the projects take big bucks.

There are enough people in Buffalo’s government who have sold their souls to make a hunk of money by shifting funds from their department to make this happen. They lie to the public concerning things like fixing our bridges, roads, and the need for better housing and our infrastructure. The money that should be available for those reasons isn’t because it has been transferred elsewhere.

So who steps in to supply seed money to our local developers? Why the friendly organized crime folks, usually from New York City. They came to town already knowing who had the cash in government agencies, knowing who would cook their books to assure those who needed seed money to start their projects get it without the public raising an eyebrow. What these builders were and are doing is feeding the desires of some who want to live, play, and be where the social action takes place.

The whole sickening story is as old as time. Greedy, powerful people who control what will be built and which workers will be picked to work on these projects are controlled by money lenders from NYC. The developers who don’t want the money lenders to stop them from building must pay organized crime or else they won’t get the workers they need.

Why this vicious circle continues is simple. There aren’t enough strong people who will stand up to fight this type of corruption for fear of losing their jobs or limbs.

This is the way things are done and have been since Buffalo began. The only way to put a dent into this way of doing business is when we have enough public workers who will speak up and say,”We’ve had enough. We’ve had enough and were fighting back.”

They are other cities with rebirth that did it honestly, without hurting needy people. Buffalo needs to change its way of doing things.

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