Editorial: What Could Happen at ECWA if This Rumor Turns Out to be True

Presently Mr. Szukala holds a “big bucks” job which Poloncarz created for him. He is the Erie County Inspector General in charge of medicaid fraud. This job, which never existed before in Erie County, is a high paying patronage position. It pays over $100,000 dollars a year.

Mr. Szukala is totally unqualified for his job.  The ECWA does the same thing.  Openings on that Board are also patronage positions.

If Poloncarz takes charge of the ECWA and has Szukala run it, we will be in worse hands then we are now.  The only difference will be our Erie County Executive, Mr. Poloncarz, will have the power through his stooge Mr. Szukala to fill jobs in the ECWA with people of his choice.  This will give Poloncarz even more power when it comes time to vote. If someone gives you a patronage job wouldn’t you for him or her?

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