Edward Rath III Finally Facing A Real Opponent Toni Vazquez

The worst legislator of the 2010- 2011 year was Edward Rath III. This is the second year in a row Rath was chosen for this distasteful award by the AmherstTimes. This year he is finally facing a quality person, Toni Vazquez.

Rath treats his position in the Erie County Legislature as a gravy type job. Mr. Rath has poured most of the gravy on meaningless projects which require little work and have no chance of offending anyone.

Voters, think hard about what Ed Rath III has done for YOU.

If you check back into Ed Rath’s political history you will not find a single useful project he started for the people of his district.

Rath is known around the Legislature as the pin up boy. He knows when show up for photo ops. He has set his priorities and he’s there when the News cameras come to building.

Rath has a full time job but his mother’s connections will help him climb up the political steps to reach a point where he is paid well and still does nothing.

Rath has the image of the All-American, clean cut guy. He dresses like he never did a hard day’s work in his life.

This year he is finally facing an opponent,Toni Vasquez who works hard with her husband running a health facility on the lower west side. Her family were all fighters to improve the world.

Vazquez’s father was a civil rights leader who walked side by side with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He took the beatings with billy clubs, suffered through friends being hung for being black, the burning down of his place of worship. Her father and mother were fighters for what they believed in; so is their daughter Toni. Her father started the first Charter school in Buffalo.

Toni Vazquez has the same passion for her home town of Amherst as her father did for Buffalo.

Toni is the administrator of a medical facility. She has a keen mind; she is responsible for patient records and for the facility. She has the qualities we need as our next County Legislator.

Edward Rath III hasn’t any experience running any business or controling someone else’s money.

We don’t need Ed Rath III in our local government. With his ability he could be a fine male model for clothes or hair creme.

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