Election Season is Upon Us

Yesterday, Chris Jacobs was endorsed by local Republicans to run for the congressional seat last held by the felonious Chris Collins in a special election expected to occur in late April to fill the balance of the Collins term expiring at the end of 2020. It’s expected that his opponent will be Nate McMurray from Grand Island. The election for the full 2 year term beginning in 2021 will be on the ballot in November.

In Amherst, the premier race this year is who will take the seat being vacated by long-term office holder Mike Ranzenhofer, best remembered for his efforts to make yogurt the official State snack and his unwavering support of local efforts to remove protections on Amherst’s  parklands.

Thus far, Republican County Legislator Ed Rath has declared his candidacy for this NYS Senate seat, in a legacy announcement, hoping to capture this seat previously held by his mom, Mary Lou Rath.

For the Democrats, Joan Elizabeth Seamans, an Amherst business owner who ran against Ratzenhofer last election is still in the mix. Also declared is Kim Smith, a Rochester-based health professional and activist. Local Dems have yet to endorse for this seat and it remains unclear if other candidates will emerge. It’s expected things will pop quickly in this race as the accelerated election timetable we experienced in 2019 is now the new normal. Nominating petitions will begin circulating in February. It’s reasonable to expect a primary fight for the Democratic line for this key seat. This is the seat to watch—so expect lots of teeth gnashing.

Assembly member Karen McMahon is running for re-election and kicks off her campaign next week. She was just endorsed by the local committee by acclamation. No Republican opponent has declared as of this moment.

And finally, petitions in the Presidential race are on the streets with local organizers for Warren, Biden, and Klobuchar among the most prominently popular.

One Response to “Election Season is Upon Us”

  1. Phil says:

    Absolutely 100% correct – your vote matters and here’s a great example:

    Mid-Term elections are always downplayed and many skip voting if it isn’t a Presidential election.

    Consider what would have happened in the 2018 Mid-Terms if no one voted and the Democrats had not won the House. All the corruption being uncovered by the current impeachment hearings never would have happened.