‘Elegance without pretension’: Jazzboline Restaurant Opens Next to Reikart House

July 10, 2019

The family-sharing option entitled Dolly Had a Little Lamb, which weaves in lamb spareribs, lamb pastrami and slow-roasted lamb leg. 

The new Jazzboline Restaurant & Bar, next to the Reikart House in Snyder, has a curious mantra: It aims for “elegance without pretension,” as well as “complex simplicity.”

A project of Iskalo Development, Jazzboline soft-opened in late June at 5010 Main St., Amherst, the final product of a more than $6 million endeavor just off the Main Street west exit of the I-290, close to the I-90. The former Sonoma Grille was demolished to accommodate the new restaurant.

Frank Reikart, a vaudeville musician who made Amherst home in the early 1900s, is the inspiration for both the Reikart House, the 230-room boutique hotel that opened in 2015 in place of the Lord Amherst, and the new restaurant. Jazzboline (jazz-boe-LYNN) refers to a musical instrument – a cross between a banjo and a guitar – invented by Reikart, who also was an innovator, entrepreneur, and an ice cream shop and photo studio owner.

Perhaps more than anything, Frank and Dolly Reikart – and to a lesser extent, their Capuchin monkey, Jocko – were known for warm hospitality, eccentricities and prowess in entertaining guests – the desired characteristics of Iskalo’s hotel and restaurant.
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