Executive Director David S. Mingoia is Guilty of Breaking the Laws of the Amherst IDA

Mar. 13, 2019

The Amherst IDA needs an immediate investigation before the people of Amherst realize their precious land is being given away willy-nilly to developers.

The Executive Director must never have read the laws of how a project can get any type of tax break. The Mother House Project didn’t qualify under any of the AIDA rules.

The AIDA gave them $1.4 million in tax breaks because the developer said they couldn’t do the project because of their poor financial position unless they received tax breaks from the Amherst IDA. The problem arose when none of the AIDA board members stepped up to do their duty to check out the actual financial state of the developer.

If Tzetzo Brothers really were in financial trouble why did they accept the bid to do MOTHER HOUSE PROJECT?  Did they already know the AIDA would give them the tax breaks they wanted?

The AIDA tried hard to avoid any input from the public. They didn’t post their meetings for public expression anywhere other than in the Amherst Bee.

The AIDA members failed terribly in their duty and didn’t do their required homework on this project. The only information they received came from Executive Director David S. Mingoia.

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