FOUR Town Board Meetings in June

Amherst Municipal Building
5583 Main Street Williamsville, NY 14221

There are FOUR Town Board meetings scheduled for this June where TWO are additional SPECIAL meetings for work that apparently need to be handled right away. A very BUSY month for the Town Board councilmembers indeed!

We anticipate that there will be NO public participation at the TWO REGULAR Town Board meeting listed below (i.e., IF no public hearings).

1. Monday, June 8, 2020 at 4 pm (4:30 pm) — Work Session at 4 pm   (Updated June 3)
2. Monday, June 22, 2020  at 4 pm

The other TWO SPECIAL Town Board meetings appear to involve a “virtual public hearing” of some kind.

3. Monday, June 15, 2020 at 4 pm

” … substantial amendments to the 2018 and 2020 Annual Plans regarding the use of the CDBG-CV funds and previously determined programming, and to revise the Citizen Participation Plan allowing for virtual public hearings.”

4. Monday, June 22, 2020  at 6:30 pm

 ” … public hearings regarding the pending request to amend the zoning classification of 14.97 acres of 500 Maple Road (“Project Site”) from RC to CF and to amend the Comprehensive Plan to accommodate the proposed UBMD project.”

These Town Board meetings are listed on the Town website.

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    • UPDATE to SPECIAL Town Board Meeting on June 15th:

    There currently is NO posted agenda for this meeting posted on the town website yet, but a “NOTICE OF PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD and PUBLIC HEARING” posted in the TrackUs portion

    Here is the link.

    Link to details:

  1. Martha says:

    Four meetings in a month? Could it be more obvious that the people we elected to represent us are exploiting the devastating conditions we are experiencing? Ordinary people are not part of the deciding factors of what they want for their community in spite of the voluminous empty rhetoric from these politicians. It is all about the agenda of developers, at all costs, even during a pandemic. Robbing public parkland, our golf course, our ball fields without the consent of the public is stunning and should be sanctionable.

    We elected people with different backgrounds for a reason. Lemmings was never the intent and is never a good thing, especially when used against the electorate. We need a new day and a new way. We have a plague of corruption in addition to Covid-19.

    We need a call to action at the voting booth. Can’t happen soon enough.

  2. Debbie says:

    Thank you for posting this information. It is very hard to figure out what the town is doing during this emergency. but Ive been trying to figure out what is happening with Westwood, if anything If the town is preparing to rezone the parkland to sell off to a builder, doesnt that mean that Westwood is taken care of too? Wasnt the whole purpose of selling off the towns parkland the mechanism to buy or swap for Westwood? Or are the people getting screwed? And during a pandemic no less. Do you have any more info on that? The town cant really be selling off the park and ignoring that the deal was to sell the park to get Westwood. Or is that what is occurring here?

  3. Sandra says:

    According to the 6/8 town board agenda, the town is prepared to accept 134 acres of swamp land at Muir Woods Is it coincidental that Mr Ciminelli (new COVID task force member) is donating this large plot to the town at the same time as the town is rezoning 14.97 acres at 500 Maple (aka Audubon golf course and park) for another Cinimelli project? And where is Westwood in this scheme? Or has COVID 19 emergency the excuse for no activity on aquiring Westwood. Is the town really swapping AUDUBON for the MUIR WOODS SWAMP?
    If yes, the town needs a new negotiator along with a new town board

  4. Michele says:

    The council chambers at Town Hall has a capacity of 300. So 25% of capacity is 75 people.
    It is obvious that the town board could easily hold their public meetings in that room while maintaining proper distance Livestreaming the meetings and allowing for public engagement in some manner needs to be reconstituted in the short term Arrangements should be made to inform and accommodate the public.