Going to a Town Board Meeting is a Huge Waste of Your Time Unless Your a Developer

Aug. 11, 2018

There are very few reasons to go to the Town Board meetings unless the structure of the meeting is geared towards having the Town Board members off the stage and the meeting becomes more of  a sharing of information. When the Board sits on the stage they seem to be distracted on things going on the stage. Some designs of the meeting to make it less formal and more of as real Town Board meeting. The citizens who talk during public expression should be told how  and when their question will be answer .

If anyone is planning to go to our Town Board Meeting on this Monday August 13, 2018 to address the Town Board on a personal issue, don’t bother to waste your time. Our Town Board will give you lip service because they have more important things to do.

There are two time slots a person can choose between to speak to the board, but only for 3 minutes either time.  One of the two is near the beginning of meeting. The second time is at the very end of the meeting. A person can only speak at one of the times, the choice is theirs. You should note that if you decide to speak near the end of the meeting nearly everyone is gone so very few will hear what you have to say.

Why it is a waste of your time to go to a Town Board meeting? Mainly you have very little input in the meeting. You basically sit and listen to different town departments heads ask for what they need.

I suggest that if you don’t care to go to these very boring meetings but want to watch from a more comfortable place, watch it on our town website.

This week meeting  is one the public should attend because the Town Board will discussing a project on NEW ROAD where a developer wants to build 87 new homes.There is pressure from people against this project.  The Town Board meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. at the Town Hall.

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