Golfers Gone Wild!


It was a raucous, riotous meeting in Town Hall Monday night—the likes of which hasn’t been seen in years. Audubon golfers furious about a cemetery encroaching on their links packed the parking lot and then the council chamber itself. And they were boiling mad.

To further add to the chaos, the 3 minute “Shut up and sit down” bell was apparently in the shop for repair because it was no where to be seen or heard. Just where is Marjory when you need her? After 4 elongated public hearings, golfers marched to the podium one by one and all seemed to have spent 15 minutes each of back and forth with the Supervisor.

Supervisor Kulpa only lost his cool once when the crowd catcalled a speaker from Forest Lawn Cemetery, in what mimicked a Trump rally. He was right to blow his top at the complete lack of decorum.

Town Board season ticket holders sat with mouths agape at what was playing out before their eyes.

And you can watch it all on video and its FREE. So make some popcorn and tune in.

4 Responses to “Golfers Gone Wild!”

  1. Charles says:

    Good suggestion to pop some corn and watch the video.

    Everyone was allowed to speak well-beyond the normally allotted time. We, therefore, learn a lot more than usual.

    The golfers were obviously upset. Possibly because the news of closing the golf course to accommodate buried bone fragments and replace with a 30 acre cemetery was dropped on them, like a ton of bricks, out of the blue. A bad move, by any measure.

    The Forest Lawn bomb thrower totally blew it with his “cleats” remark, given the crowd he was playing to. They, not surprisingly, responded with jeers. There is only so much BS a person can take. Felt sorry for Brian trying to quell the crowd.

    The upshot is a task force to work with the golfers to help with the direction of the proper placement and respect for the century-old, twice-moved dead while not disrespecting the living. Something that should have been arranged before
    the fiasco.

  2. Jan Peters says:

    Golf is a dying sport, with a cemetery an appropriate re-use.

  3. Uncle Sam says:

    After watching the Town Board meeting who would ever believe that residents would be demanding affordable golf. So much for providing Police services, Fire protection and making sure streets are clear of snow forget it, WE WANT AFFORDABLE GOLF IN AMHERST! If I didn’t know better one would think this was a Bernie Sanders rally.

  4. Aaron says:

    I watched the video from start to finish.
    What the hell is going on? Are we, the people, being played for fools, or what? I won’t even go into detail of the public hearing where some developer wants to build on a swamp in Swormville using a special amendment from the board. It is beyond belief that that is entertained by the new and improved “people first” town board. Be sure to watch that before going to the public expression portion where the golfers rocked with common sense questions and solutions about the ashes only cemetery. One after another, they pointed out inconsistencies in the story of bone and wood fragments buried and buried again on the golf course. Then, laid open the outlandish attempt to use the burial excuse to turn over 30 acres of the Audubon to Forest Lawn. It reeks of a shady deal and they know it.

    Mr. Forest Lawns’s “cleats” comment throws, what is meant to be a serious hearing, into a farcical, vaudevillian performance. The only thing missing was rotten fruit flying.

    Amherst lore has always talked about remains along Ellicott Creek. Assumed Indian. Bones are bones. Now, just by coincidence, at a time when the Mensch gang feel they have a live one in Brian Kulpa, they are harkening back to their original plan for conquest of the Audubon that Weinstein unequivocally shut down, years earlier.

    Shame on Kulpa for coming up with absurd excuses to justify stealing more parkland from the people for another business.

    What is so hard to understand that the land in the recreational area of Amherst is not for sale for development. It is meant to be an environmental oasis for everyone, young and old to enjoy. Giving up a portion on Millersport to acquire Westwood is one thing. More than that makes it a raw deal.