“Green Light in Amherst”

We were having trouble deciding who wrote an editorial “Green Light in Amherst” in a local publication.

At first its amateurish pie-in-the-sky tone sounded typical, Wow, Amherst is getting Cricket AND Pickleball too!!

But eventually we realized it’s probably highlights from some powerpoint presentation Kulpa and/or Mensch (what’s the difference?) sent to the publication.

There is so much wrong with this piece of propaganda:

1. “The plan to transform more than 200 acres of prime real estate in Amherst cleared a key hurdle last week.”

We bet all of you Amherst Taxpayers, who wonder where your land and taxdollars went, didn’t know you were just “a hurdle” to be cleared. This disrespect tells me Kulpa/Mensch/Ciminelli, et al is behind this editorial.

2. “Indeed, it’s easy to see this development as part of a larger vision by Supervisor Brian Kulpa”

Right. The larger vision of Kulpa is to show that he plays nice with Big Money so that he can move on to Albany. He’ll probably brag that he did it all in a Pandemic without telling anyone the truth of what was going on.

3. “Developers are going to develop; the ventures on the Audubon property allow Mensch to profit from its investment.”

People of Amherst – It might be public land and taxpayer money but who are you to think you have any say in it? These are the masters of Amherst, they know better of what is good for the people, ignoring what they have repeatedly been told. We are just useful pawns to pay for their corruption. We are in Orwellian territory. Animal Farm and stifling voices. It is extraordinarily scary!

4. “but it wouldn’t make much sense for the Westwood property – which stretches near North Forest Road from Sheridan Drive to Maple Road – to remain vacant for another generation.”

Why not? What’s wrong with park land? What’s wrong with it remaining vacant for 10 generations? What’s wrong with keeping it a golf course?
Must all of Amherst be bulldozed and paved? Does Amherst need another Hotel, Office Building, or Parking Lot?

5. “ Growth and development are inevitable in Amherst, which once consisted largely of farmland.”

The old “Manifest Destiny” play: Concrete good, Farmland bad. Vacant land only exists to be turned into profits for Developers. That isn’t a field to walk your dog through, it’s a 4 story parking ramp. That isn’t a ball field, it’s the UBMD 250,000 sq ft building. You don’t want to play golf, you want virtual golf.

Finally, “ Not everyone will get what they want from the project”.
Well it sure looks like the Town Board & the Developers won and Amherst lost.

But why do the Developers always win? One reason is because they count on us being NIMBY’s (a name developers made up and always used to divide). Those close to Westwood/Audubon don’t much care about Transit Road and vice versa. And neither care about Amazon grabbing Grand Island land. What we need is a person or body of people who will coordinate against these attacks, get the big picture, and fight for the rights of residents and their healthy environment.

Sadly, we already have that “person or body of people.” They’re called the Town Board and Town Board Supervisor but instead of helping us they’re selling us out. And it’s the same all over Erie County where Big Money buys the influence of those who are supposed to be looking out for us.

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  1. Lou says:

    Why is it that the taxpayers are always left holding the bag while the “connected” chip away at our money, small businesses, environmental protections and green spaces?
    Another example below..

  2. Phil says:

    We’ve all heard it before – some 1% Corporate CEO beats his chest to proclaim how he “did it all on his own” with help from no one. They build their businesses in the US using our resources, tax breaks, protections, and legal loopholes but then send all their jobs overseas. If those jobs can’t be off-shored then they become minimum wage jobs with no healthcare & benefits – “Gig Economy Jobs”.
    With that in mind, here is what Erie County needs to address now concerning Amazon.

    Amazon has 2 distribution centers and a Wholefoods Store in Erie county with a fourth site on Grand Island in the balance. No one ships more product than Amazon. That was true before the pandemic and even more so now.

    What happens to those Amazon boxes? They clog our landfills and recycling centers – and the taxpayer is paying for their disposal, not Amazon. Amazon pays zero taxes, Jeff Bezos pays zero taxes.

    What does Erie County need to do? Two simple steps.

    1. Devise a plan with (or without) Amazon whereby Amazon picks up their empty boxes curbside and recycles, disposes, or pays to have them offshored, whatever, at Amazon’s expense.
    Amazon must stop using our taxpayer funded landfills for free as part of their business plan.

    2. After step 1 is established demand that Amazon investigate reusable plastic shipping boxes which are picked up curbside when deliveries are made on Amazon’s scheduled “delivery days”.
    For those of use old enough to remember, this is how our milk was delivered long ago. The milkman delivered full bottles of milk and picked up the empty bottles. Simple and effective.
    Step 1 could be bypassed if Amazon agreed to step 2 immediately.

    These suggestions should be adopted by Erie County whether Grand Island happens or not, but in any case, they should be leveraged now into the Grand Island Plan.

    Do not let Amazon’s careless business plan leave the Erie County taxpayer holding the bag.

  3. David says:

    The entire Town Board made so many promises when running, but in the end they have sold out every resident in Amherst. Actually I’ll step that back and say with the exception of Debbie Bucki (usually) they simply do and say whatever Kulpa wants them to say. I have never seen such a lack of transperancy in any previous Town Board. Paying back their developer friends and kicking every resident in the ass.
    This is NOT SMART GROWTH, it is Over Growth to cover unecessary spending.

  4. Phil says:

    From a local newspaper today on Amazon in Grand Island:

    “Islanders have wrestled for decades with the question of how much growth is wanted on the island, which remains largely residential, with large swaths of green space and parkland.”

    Wow, sounds like a terrible place to live. Maybe we can get the Governor to declare a State of Emergency.

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