He feels the NEED… the NEED for SPEED…

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The agenda of the May 21st Planning Board meeting contains two public hearings related to the 500 Maple Rd rezoning that must be held quickly in order for the Supervisor to get his Audubon parkland alienation/UBMD/Westwood/Ciminelli/500 Maple Rd rezoning deal done on time.  But the clock is ticking, TICK, TICK, TICK!

How much time remains to get this deal done you might ask. The short answer is apparently 9 months after Oct 3, 2019. The Governor signed Senate Bill S6285A into law for the Audubon parkland alienation on Oct 3, 2019.

For those who want the messy details, let’s start with Town Board Resolution 2019-617 of May 20, 2019 which states at one point that …

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a signed MOU for the Town’s question of  Westwood must be in place within 9 months or the Town Board directs the Town Attorney to re-designate the Audubon property as inalienable parkland,  and

Resolution 2019-617:  https://amherstny.iqm2.com/Citizens/Detail_LegiFile.aspx?ID=20469

But it wasn’t until Aug 19, 2019 when Resolution 2019-990 was adopted that the unsigned MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) first appeared in public. This MOU contained a 9 month “Exclusivity” clause between the Town of Amherst and Bones&Guts, LLC, a legal entity insulating other involved parties.

Resolution 2019-990:  http://amherstny.iqm2.com/Citizens/Detail_LegiFile.aspx?ID=20882&highlightTerms=2019-990

Will the Town of Amherst hold true to it’s promise of a 9 month window to get this deal done?  The answer is  … MAYBE, it all depends how much we trust our Town Board to act with honesty and integrity.

3 Responses to “He feels the NEED… the NEED for SPEED…”

  1. Harry says:

    This entire scenario is nothing short of politics at its worst. A contrived railroad job.

    First we have the lame attempts to include the public in public hearings on major developments, during a catastrophic pandemic, where they prefer, as they always do, an ignorant electorate with little or no opposition. The bloated bureaucracy that has infested Amherst, and, this is the best they can do?

    The Millersport-Maplemere-Ciminelli Plan looks enormous, excessively so. The same bloated bureaucracy that the taxpayers are employing, have aided and abetted this with little or no transparency and public input.

    If the picture that is posted is of two persons from the planning board, it does not make a difference, anyway. They are not interested in what the public has to say. They can be rude to your face either in person or on zoom. My family and friends have been in front of these two for countless years. The outcome is always the same. Why waste your breath or time? The die is cast.

    I want my vote back.

  2. Marty says:

    It is concerning that large, development decisions are being made during the pandemic when people are preoccupied with their own livelihoods and lives.
    It is fascinating to observe how our elected leaders have chosen to use their power during a worldwide pandemic.

    Riddle me this. If they are rezoning to meet the agreement about the Westwood swap, why are we not hearing about Westwood and Musical Fare? Westwood is the driver for anything else to proceed. Westwood must also be rezoned from the helter-skelter, auto junkyard to something more appropriate for a park in a residential neighborhood.

  3. Phineas says:

    It seems it would be appropriate for the Town Board to
    simply extend the mou deadline for an additional month
    or two, as this is not an emergency significant in
    nature to exclude public input or adequate
    SEQRA review.

    That said, when did the RFPs go out to everyone?
    The whole land swap process is corrupt to begin