Heads Up, Main Street Drivers!

Well, Main Street drivers, here we go again. The memories of the repaving of Main Street in the Village of Williamsville are still fresh in the minds of all Amherstonians. So, fasten you seat belts (and maybe start looking for another way to work right now) because as of March 3, (thats Super Tuesday), weather permitting, the NYSDOT is set to repave another segment of Main Street, this time from Bailey Avenue to the 290.

Eagle-eyed local residents who spotted the┬ápink street markings (now snow covered) gave us the heads up and promised more info soon. But thought we’d pass this hot tip on to you right away and will have more details as we get them.

2 Responses to “Heads Up, Main Street Drivers!”

  1. Jeff says:

    Maybe this means that we’ll finally get bike lanes on that part of Main Street.

  2. Michele says:

    I understand DOT proposed its standard “repave the street” job with re stripping the current lanes. there are some curb extensions at key intersections like they did in Williamsville,(not a fan) but the DOT didnt propose anything nearing so radical a concept as bike lanes on one of the towns main drags.