How the Amherst IDA Enjoys Screwing the Public By Having an Important Meeting in Sub-Freezing Weather

Feb. 7, 2019

There is a major three-way struggle between developers, the residents who live near a purposed new development and the Town Board.  The struggle concerns the nun’s Motherhouse on Mill Street. If the Town Board votes for this project shovels will be soon in the dirt.

I think the Amherst IDA should have canceled the Feb. 1 meeting because of the dangerous weather we had experienced for several days prior. On the 1st of Feb., we were dealing with freezing temperatures of minus 2 below, blowing snow and there was a driving ban unless you were in the medical field and needed to report to work or another dire emergency.

Amherst IDA held this meeting with only two people in attendance and three IDA Board members. This meeting was to let the public express their feelings about the Amherst IDA giving the developer of the Mother House project 1.4 million dollars in tax breaks.

I have requested the Town Board to have the Amherst IDA hold another public expression meeting where more people from the public can voice their opinions.

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